Monday, 21 November 2011

Snax Box #009 - Flowery Cheese

My lil prince loves to eat cheese cakes.  I saw that the cheese cake was a bit to plain in his snack box and decided to cut a few pieces of cheese flower as a decoration for him.

Snax Box #008 - Smiley Apple Cheese

this was a follow-up from the previous post of honey stars.  I made two smiley face cheese with an apple cookie cutter.  I tried making the crab sausage but it didn't turn out well.  Can't really see the crab shaped here.  I will have to practice making more crab sausages again ^__^.

Snax Box #007 - Honey Stars Snax

My lil prince loves to eat honey stars.  Packed some star shaped bread and some nestle honey stars in this snack for him.

Snax Box #006 - Happy Bunnies

This is was also one of the very first bento snack that I packed for my lil prince.  Bought the seaweed puncher from Daiso and here's my creation.  Added some longans and blueberries and not forgetting a piece of chocolate biscuits.

My Breastfeeding Journey

 I am always proud to say that I'm a breastfeeding mum.  Each time I see a pregnant mum, the first thing I would encouraged her is to breastfeed her baby.  I didn't manage to capture my 'precious drops' when I was breastfeeding my son as I was too busy then.  This time, I make sure I capture some of my milk production so that I can keep them as momento.  I only managed to breastfeed my lil prince for 6 months and for my lil princess, I managed to extend till 1 year.  I was very satisfied that I was able to breastfeed her for one year.  I have achieve my target but I do salute those mummies out there who breastfeed their babies for 2 years and some even till 4 years!  It's not easy to breastfeed your baby when you are a working.  You need a lot of determination, I really meant it.  You also need to be very strong and focus too.  It was not that easy when I returned to work and had to pump every 3 hours at work.  Sometimes, you will get 'not so nice' comments from colleagues, but all these does not matters to me as what is more important to me was my lil ones at home.  As long as I'm giving them the best milk in the world, I don't care what others will say.

When I looked back at these photos, I'm so proud of my lil achievement :P.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Snax Box #005 - Aeroplane Snax

I loved to eat jellies.  Normally when I'm free during weekends or if both my lil angels slept early during weekdays, I will be able to spare some time to do some jellies.  I made some aeroplane jellies with a slice of orange in it.  Here's my bento snack box with aeroplane cheese bread and aeroplane shape jelly.  Together with this was some fish biscuits and strawberries.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Goldfish Biscuits

I came across this goldfish biscuits at Cold Storage when it was having promotion.  It was RM8.00 per pack.  I loved the taste of the strong cheese in this biscuits.  They also have the goldfish biscuits in  colours ranging from purple, pink, orange and etc.  It was indeed nice to pack these into my snack box as it makes it very colourful.  However, I still prefer the original taste.

Snax Box #004 - Butterfly in the Snax

You can see I am still using the left over mini swiss roll for this snack box (see previous post).  To make my snack box more interesting, I added some butterflies in it.  I have also packed two types of biscuits for my lil prince which is the egg biscuits and the colourful gold fish biscuits.

Snax Box #003 - Lazy Snax

I called this lazy snack box as sometimes when I'm busy or not feeling well I will make something quick for my lil prince.  I bought some mini tarts, a bun and some colourful mini swiss rolls.  Cut them into small pieces and the balance can still use for the next day snack box :P

Snax Box #002 - The Letter " S " Snax

One day, my lil prince came home and showed me that he has learned the letter 'S' for Sun.  In order to re-emphasize on what he has learned at school, I decided to make the letter S for his snack box the next day.  As usual I use bread and cheese and the 'S' shape cookie cutter to make the letter 'S'.  I also packed some strawberries and some duck shape biscuits for him.  I will always packed some biscuits for my lil prince as he's a big fan of biscuits!

Snax Box #001 - Simple Teddy Bear Snax

As I was browsing through my bento photos, I came across this photo.  This was one of the very first snack box that I packed for my lil prince to take to school when he was 2.5 years old.  The teddy bear shape bread was made out of cheese and white bread.  I used a cookie cutter of a bear shape to cut it.  I also packed some panda biscuits and some grapes for him as dessert.  There were two types of grapes - purple and green grapes to have some variety of colours.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

A New Begining....Again


I've decided to set up another blog again.  I have started two blogs previously but never seems to maintain them.  This time, I hope I can keep my blog going.  I'm planning to blog about my passion for bento-ing (which I am still a newbie, my parenting journey with my two kids and any other things under the sun and sea!

In my upcoming post, I will have a lot of back-dated post about my food box.  My lil prince call it food box, but I called it Snack Box and this is how the name of my blog came about.

Welcome to My Snax Box.