Wednesday, 29 August 2012

New Food Cups

I adores cute food, cute things and of course cute food cups!  During our recent trip to Ipoh, I saw these two cute food cups at Tokutokuya (one of the 100 Yen shops).  Priced at RM 4.90 each for a set of three and four mini food cups.  These small food cups fits perfectly in my snack box as I don't use big snack box for my lil prince.  I find food cups useful because I can placed my food separately into different food cups especially fruits, vegetables and also biscuits. 

I've only used the strawberry shape and the apple shape food cups this week in my snack box.  Will definately try to utilized the rest next week.

I also got myself a pack of star shaped food cup from Daiso in Queensbay mall, Penang.  RM5.00 for a set of five food cups.  Will be making some agar-agar soon I hope :P.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

My 1st Jewellery Box

This was my very first jewellery box!!  I can't believe it that I was so lucky to win Mummy's Ling giveaway. It was a gift set worth RM300 from CRES WELLNESS and it consist of

- 2 x CRES Pouch
- 1 x CRES Travel Kits
- 1 x Exclusive Jewellery Box
- 2 x CRES vouchers worth of RM200
- 1 x CRES Towel

I was just trying my luck and left a comment at Mummy Ling's FB fan page.  When she told me that I was the winner, I was jumping with joy.  I had always wanted a jewellery box but because those nice ones are usually very costly, it stop me from getting one for years.  I simply adores this jewel so much!  This was just perfect for me.

The giveaway also comes with two lovely pouch which is really suitable to put all my stuff when I travels. 

Once again, thank you Mummy Ling!!  This is the best gift for me in 2012!  Muaaakkkk!!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Snax Box #067 Happy Penguins

We are back after the long Raya break.  Hope everyone had a good time during the school holidays.  Sorry for not visiting your blog as we were away for the whole week.  Will definately catch up soon.

I wanted to make some penguins shape for lil prince snax box but somehow the shape didn't turn out well.  Hence, this was the outcome of my simple penguins ^__^.  Hmmm....didn't look like penguins though.  I bought the gardenia raisins bread and cut them into heart shaped (at the bottom).  Placed the two so-called penguins on top and added some stars sprinkles.  I bought a set of new food cups from my trip to Ipoh last week.  The strawberry and apple shaped food cup were my latest collections.  I think they are cute and fits well in my snack box.  I don't really have a lot of tupperwares at home and I am sure you would have notice that I only use this yellow box of mine all the time :P.  This box helps me to keep my food fresh for the next day.

I also packed a strawberry and a mini apricot for lil prince and some panda biscuits as the other side dishes.  To make the snack box more colourful, I added two marshmallows.

Hope when my lil prince sees the snax box during his snack time today, he will forget his Monday blues.....

Happy Monday!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Snax Box # 066 Waffle Cake with Cheese

I was under the weather today :(  attack by flu bugs...hence I just make a simple snack box for lil prince.  I bought the Gardenia Waffle Cake from the sundry shop.  I took two flavours - chocolate and the butter maple.  I packed the chocolate flavour for him to bring to school and the other piece for tea time later today in the afternoon.  I added some cheese on top of the waffle and packed some strawberries with some biscuits and marshmallows.

I will be having a one week break from packing snack box ^__^.  Time for mummy to rest and refresh again.  We are really looking forward for this holiday to spend some quality time together.  To all mummies out there, Happy Holidays and if you are traveling, drive safely.

Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Lil Princess Milk and Freebies

Lil princess only started drinking Enfagrow A+ milk daily when she reaches 1 year old.  Before that she was on mummy's milk :).  I am glad that I was able to breastfeed her for one year.  It was all about determination!!  When I see how she grows, it was really worth all the hard work and sweat!

Normally, we don't change our milk powders for our kids, once they are hooked on the brand, we will stick to the same brand until our kids get bored with it.  After my nightmare experience with lil prince, I dare not change milk powder anymore. I like to purchase milk from Mead Johnson as they always comes out with nice goodies / toys for kids.  I find their toys very educational too.

Recently they came out with this Smart Role-Play sets.  There were six sets in the whole series.  We managed to collect four sets so far :P.  I bought the Grocery Store, School, Laboratory and the Sushi Restaurant.  Lil prince loved to play the Grocery Store the most!  I find this role playing activity very interesting for lil prince.  I get to be the customer and he is the owner of the grocery store.

I plan to get the Auto Workshop set the next round.  Most of the time, Mead Johnson freebies are for kids but I also managed to get something for myself when I purchase the 1.7kg milk during the Mom & Baby Expo in May.  The were having a promotion whereby they were giving away a set of LO'ccitane toiletries (shower cream, shower gel and conditioner).  This was the best gift for mummy!  I love this product so much but it was too expensive to buy, hence I was really happy to get this gift FOC :).

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Snax Box # 065 Fish Kuih Bahulu

This was last week snack box.  Was supposed to update it last week after my pudding post but something came up and we need to travel for few days.  Hence, there was a delay.  Sorry for not visiting your blogs these few days. 

I bought this kuih bahulu from Viva Home the other day.  I like this fish shaped kuih bahulu as it's cute!  I think it goes well with my so called 'Nemo' :P.  As I've made some corn pudding last week, I use it as a dessert for lil prince.  The other food cup in this snack box are packed with fruits such as strawberries, grapes and some blue berries (my favourite!).

Another week to go before we break for Raya.  Really looking forward for school holidays!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Express Pudding

I always have a sweet tooth.  I like eating jellies, cakes, ice-cream, chocolates and anything that is sweet.  Yeah, I know it's not good for health at my age but sometimes, just can't help it :P.  Last night I wanted to eat pudding and luckily I remembered that I bought a packet of 'express pudding' mix.  All I had to do was just to boil a cup of hot water and mix with the mixture inside the box.  I added some sweet cream corn in my pudding too.  For lazy mummy like me, these type of ready mix really come in handy when you needed them :)

I use some of my small silicon food cup to put the pudding so that I can add them into lil prince snack box too.  It will serve as a dessert for him ^__^.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Snax Box # 064 Flowers in the Garden

Good morning Monday!
Hope everyone had a good weekend.  We had a relaxing weekend as we spend our time at home supporting our Malaysian badminton team.

I was preparing my lunch box for Monday and I thought of sharing some veggies with lil prince.  I gave him some broccoli and carrots.  On top of the broccoli were some cheese in flower shape.  I also cut some yellow flower kiwi (don't think the shape is visible, though).  The other items in the food box are cherry tomatoes (yellow and red), one cherry, one strawberry and two tiny biscuits.  Oh, not forgetting my sauce for the carrots.  This time I gave lil prince some cheese sauce instead of mayonnaise. 

Hmmmm....another vegetarian snack box!  I am still in the process of getting my lil prince to eat more GREENs :P

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Snax Box # 063 Fish + Egg

I made a simple snack box for lil prince today.  I gave him some fish cake and a hard boiled egg.  I made a 'bear' shape with my egg mould.  This is only half of the egg, the other half is in mummy's tummy :P.

The little black biscuits in the orange food cups are mini oreo.  I saw this mini oreo at Cold Storage at Bangsar Shopping Mall, it was so cute and I like the mini size which was just right for me to put inside my food cups since most of my food cups are relatively small.  I also packed some cherries and a strawberry for him.  Ever since I introduced cherries to my lil one, they seems to fall in love with cherries.  Luckily the price has reduced from RM8.00 per 100gram to RM5.00 now.