Thursday, 22 December 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I'll be taking a break from packing my snack box as there will be one week break before we start the new semester again.  Taking this opportunity to wish everyone a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!  May all your wishes comes true!

I saw this graphics at glitter-graphics, so cute!


Friday, 16 December 2011

Party Box For Teacher's Day

Back-dated post.....

I made these for lil prince Teacher's Day party this year.  I didn't know what food to buy for teacher's day and thought most parents will be buying cakes, fried mee hoon and etc.  I thought of preparing something simple and of course easy for lazy ppl like me :P.  I didn't have time to do all the frying stuff.  I had to prepare this the night before and since they are made out of cheese, I can easily store them in the fridge and bring it out the next day.

I only use a plain box to store the food.  Added some food divider (see the colourful green, yellow and pink grass) to make them look attractive.  
I prepare some stars, flowers and heart-shaped cheese bread.  Added some love sprinkle and star sprinkles on my bread to make them look more colourful.

I think this is a healthy and simple snack for kids party ^__^

Snax Box # 023 - Egg Tarts

I loved to eat egg tarts and so does my lil prince.  I find that the egg tarts from John King taste really good.  They have a few outlet -- Pavillion, 1 Utama, Jusco (Balakong) and others.  The texture of these tarts are really smooth.  They also have a few varieties of egg tarts such as sweet corn, green tea, red bean, coconut and others.

Here are some decorations that I've added to my egg tarts for lil prince.  These are not from John King, though but just sharing with you on the decoration that I've added to 'spice' up my snack box.  I normally divide the egg tart into two and use them for two days but with different decoration.  I don't think my lil prince will be able to finish the whole tart :P.

Recently I bought a flower paper cutter and I've used it to cut my seaweed for decoration.  I think they look pretty nice, don't they?
Here's a closer look at my seaweed flower.

Snax Box # 022 -One Cake Two Design

I enojoyed going to pasar malam to buy cakes and snacks to pack for lil prince.  Sometimes, I think he might be bored by just eating bread and cheese.  Off and on, I'll buy some cakes, egg tarts and etc.

These are the snack box that I've packed using the same chocholate cake (brown and white stripes).  I added some cheese to make them looked attractive instead of just plain cakes.  The cute faces were made out of seaweed.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Snax Box # 021 - Twinkle Twinkle Lil Stars

This snack box is made out of cheese cake and a malay kuih.  I'm not sure what it is called but it was green in colour.  Maybe next time, I should snap a photo of the kuih.  I use the craft puncher to punch the star shaped and my star shaped cookie cutter to cut out the star cheese.

Here's goes my twinkle twinkle lil star Snack Box!

Snax Box #020 - Bear Cheese Bread

These are two types of bear shaped cheese bread that I've made for my lil prince.  I bought the bread / cookies cutter from Daiso and 100 Yen.  These two are my favourite shop for bento tools as they are quite affordable.  I added some strawberries and biscuits in the food cup.  The bear with eyes were decorated with seaweed and the nose was some red love shaped sprinkles that I use for baking my cupcakes.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Heart Shaped Egg

I bought a heart shaped ring from Daiso long time back and didn't have the chance to use it.  One weekend, when the kids were taking their naps, I took the opportunity to use it and cooked my lovely egg.  Looked at how cute these eggs turn out to be :),

The half yellow and half white egg was done accidentally when I broke the egg and it so happen that the egg yolk just went to the left side.  So I use a spoon and make it even and draw a line in between them.  It looks adorable....hehehehe....

Milky Jelly

I loved to eat jellies and so does my lil prince.  My princess will eat anything that is put in front of her.  Unlike my picky lil prince.  Since he was not taking any milk, I had to mix his milk powder into the jellies that I made for him. 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Snax Box #019 - Rabbit Egg & Cheese Snack

I made the rabbit egg and some rabbit bread in this snack.  Added the smiley faces with seaweed to make them look more interesting.  Probably I should try this again next year during Easter Day!

Snax Box #018 - Houses Bento

These houses and stars were made of cheese cake.  I like to buy the RM3 cheese cake from Jusco whenever I go shopping during the weekends.  I find that the cheese cake was good and really worth the RM3.  it was also easy for me to cut the cheese cake into any shape that I want.  Look at my houses with two windows and a door.  Welcome to my home!

Snax Box #017 - Lady Bug Snax

This was my first time trying to make the lady bug.  It was made out of crab stick and seaweed.  I use a slice of cheese as the eye.  The balance of the cheese were used to made the flower at the side of the lady bug.  I even added a smiley face on my tomato!

Snax Box #016 - Fish Sausages Bento

I tried to make some 'fish' sausages bento snack.  Can't really see the fish eye though :P.

Snax Box #015 - Mickey & Minnie

I loved Mickey Mouse and lil prince have been watching the Disney Mickey Mouse Club House cartoons.  I bought these mickey and minnie mouse cutter when I was in Singapore two years ago.  I only had the chance to use them this year!  Can you imagine I've been keeping these tools for so long and just waiting for the right time to use it.  The minnie mouse do looked cute.  I added some coco crunch and honey stars instead of fishy biscuits.  Changed the usually strawberries to lychees this time.

Snax Box #014 - Bunny & Flower Snack

Another simple snack for my lil boy.  Flower and Bunny face cheese bread.  I added some sliced oranges, a cube of laughing cow cheese and some cranberries.  Not forgetting my lil prince favourite food --> biscuits!

Disney School Skills Book

I saw these books at Popular few months back. They were having promotion at RM14.90 each.  The original price was RM19.90.  I bought 4 books for lil prince to practice on his writing.  These books do attract his attention as they have some sticker activities which he loves.

I should have bought a few more to keep for lil princess as the week after that, there was no more discounts :(.  These books are good.

First Mother's Day Card

This was my first mother's day card from my lil prince.  I thought I should take a photo and blog it here in case I loose this card one day :P.  I was very happy to receive this card from my boy.  I knew that the teacher help him with the card but nonetheless, it was also his art work.  Something he did for me :)  He was only three and half years old when he made this card.  Mummy is proud of you!

Scooby - Doo Pasta

 I came across these Scooby-Doo pasta when I was at cold storage.  I thought they looked so cute.  Here's how the pasta looked like (before cooking).  I thought I should enlarge the pasta photo for better view.

I don't always have the time to cooked but when I do, I loved to cook soup as I'm a 'soupy' person.  I just loved to drink soup.  I make some ikan bilis soup for this pasta and added some carrots and potatoes for my lil prince and princess.  After cooking, it was kind of difficult to see the image of the dog.  I still prefer the animals pasta and the ABC pasta, though.  Simple and yet very delicious meal!

Snax Box #013 - Flowers & Trees

Some back-dated photos.  These are some of the bento snack that I made earlier this year.  Flower bread with longan and fish biscuits.

The trees were also made of cheese and bread.

This flower were made out of the pandan chiffon cake.  I thought the chiffon cake looks dull, hence I cut them in flower shape to make them look more interesting in my food box ^__^.

Snax Box #012 - Cheese Bunnies

These bunnies are made out of cheese.  I use the bunny cookies cutter to cut the shape of the bunny from the cheese.  Add on to the cake / bun in the snack box.  Aren't they cute?

I managed to buy some blueberries from the street market at Ikano Power Center.  They taste really good.  It was RM10 per box.  Not forgetting to add some strawberries in my food cup too :P

Snax Box #011 - Ice-Cream Snack Box

Ice-Cream Snack Box--->  This was what I pack for lil prince when he wanted to eat ice-cream but cannot have them as he was having cough.  I bought the ice-cream cone and stuffed it with chiffon cake (the green colour so called 'ice-cream')

Snax Box #010 - Smiley Faces

These are my smiley faces creation of snack box for lil prince.  I thought that the cheese cakes looks a bit dull so I added some smiley faces on it.

I bought most of my bento tools at Daiso as it's more affordable at RM5 each.  The food cups are very handy as I used them to divide my foods accordingly so that they don't look so messy.  

(logo taken from google images)