Friday, 16 December 2011

Snax Box # 023 - Egg Tarts

I loved to eat egg tarts and so does my lil prince.  I find that the egg tarts from John King taste really good.  They have a few outlet -- Pavillion, 1 Utama, Jusco (Balakong) and others.  The texture of these tarts are really smooth.  They also have a few varieties of egg tarts such as sweet corn, green tea, red bean, coconut and others.

Here are some decorations that I've added to my egg tarts for lil prince.  These are not from John King, though but just sharing with you on the decoration that I've added to 'spice' up my snack box.  I normally divide the egg tart into two and use them for two days but with different decoration.  I don't think my lil prince will be able to finish the whole tart :P.

Recently I bought a flower paper cutter and I've used it to cut my seaweed for decoration.  I think they look pretty nice, don't they?
Here's a closer look at my seaweed flower.

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