Thursday, 28 June 2012

Snax Box # 057 Rabbit & Bear Cheese

I bought some 'kuih bahulu' from market last weekend and packed them for my lil prince snack box today.  It was a bit plain having only the 'kuih bahulu'.  Hence, I added a rabbit and a bear shaped cheese on top.  I also gave him some 'fish' biscuits and some cherry tomatoes and grapes.

I need to buy some strawberries soon.  Lil prince has been asking me to buy strawberries for him.  I normally buy my strawberries from the market as they are very sweet (imported from Korea) but lately seems like there's no season for strawberries.  No choice, need to get them from Jusco this weekend.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Hardly get strawberry cos not my fav.hehehhe But i dun mind having them in jem or ice cream

  2. LOL...u and Annie Kiu can become best friends Both also have patience to make bento and so nice some more

  3. Mummy Ling,
    Yes, I like them in jam and ice-cream too!

    Oh, really? I need to met up with Annie Kiu to exchange ideas liao!!

  4. Your Prince can finish all these in school? He's got a real big and good appetite :)