Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Snax Box # 086 L-O-V-E

I have a few of these heart shape cookies cutter at home.  Hence, most of the time you will see me preparing lots of heart shapes bread for my two kids.  I guess they must be bored ^__^.  Last weekend, I made some konyakku jelly and thought it would be nice to have a theme for my snack box today---> LOVE! I know Valentine's Day is over but love is still in the air :)

For Lil Prince snack box....
I gave him a heart shaped jelly and two heart shape bread with cheese.  If you can see the shaped of the biscuits, it is also a heart shape :P.  There is also a heart shaped marshmallows and some honey stars.  To bad, no heart shaped honey stars, else I would definately put them together.

For Lil Princess Box...
I normally prepared a simple snax box for my lil princess as she was still young.  I gave her two heart shaped bread with cheese and the heart shaped biscuits.  Instead of giving her the konyakku jelly, I packed some grapes and strawberries.  There was also a heart shaped marshmallows in the middle :)

Here are the two snack boxes for my lil ones to tell them Mummy Loves You!


  1. Did they finish the lunch box of LOVE? Looking at the lunch box, it has put a smile on my face.