Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Friso Growing Up Together @ 1 Utama

We went to the Frisco Growing Up Together Road show at 1U last weekend.  Thanks to Mummy Ling for posting this event at her blog.  We reached there early as we wanted to borrow the stroller for lil princess since nowadays we seldom bring out her stroller.  It's much easier to borrow from the malls, after all it's FOC :P.

I think we were the first to register for the event when they started.  We registered ourselves, got our passport and proceed to enter the interactive 'tunnel'.  We only managed to play two games at the interactive tunnel before proceeding to the photo section.

The photo section had a cartoon camera which will capture our photo and add 'decorative' items to the photo.  Next, we register for the craft activity.  They were having the hanging mobile craft at 11.00am.  Both lil prince and I went for the craft session while the other pair (papa and lil princess went ronda-ronda).   I enjoyed the craft session but lil price seems to enjoying playing with the rings instead of helping me with the hanging mobile.  Mummy did most of the craft!

Overall, we did enjoy ourselves especially the kids as they love to play with the interactive games.  I do enjoy attending events like this which has kids activities.  Nowadays most of the roadshows events have lots of interactive PC programmes! 

 Their next stop will be at Sunway Pyramid from 9 March to 11 March 2012.  If you miss the one at 1U, don't worry, you can still visit them at Sunway Pyramid.


Here's our craft work, the hanging mobile.  It's now hanging beautifully at our dinning hall :P

Monday, 27 February 2012

Snax Box # 028 - It's All About Egg Tarts

My lil prince loved to eat egg tarts.  I will buy the egg tarts from pasar malam or sometimes from the cake shop if we don't have time to go pasar malam.

I was afraid that he won't be able to finish one whole egg tart during his snack time, I will cut the egg tarts and separate them for two days.

When I was packing the egg tarts in the box, it looks a bit plain.  Hence,  I added some smiley faces, and look how happy my egg tarts are ^__^.

These are my egg tarts decoration for Monday and Tuesday!

Heart Shape Pancake

I love to eat pancakes.  I bought this ready made pancake mix from Tesco to give it a try since I have not made pancake before.  I wanted to buy the maple syrup but couldn't find it so replaced it with the Hershey's Chocolate Syrup.  The chocolate syrup taste really good and if you add it in your ice-cream, it's even better!

My pancake turn out a bit dry.  Probably it's due to the size of egg that I use.  I was supposed to add a Grade A egg into the mixture but I'm not sure about the size of egg that I had.
I will try other brands of pancake the next round :P

Here's a closer look at my 'master piece'

Sunday, 26 February 2012

ABC Porridge with Love

We had ABC porridge for the weekend.  My friends told me that ABC soup is good for antioxidant.  I boiled the ABC soup first before adding in the rice to cook the porridge.  Lately, my lil princes fancied porridge a lot and we found that it was easier to feed her with porridge rather than rice.  Probably she is teething.  Feeding her with porridge was less fuss and stress for us too :P. 
I used two chicken for the soup and it tasted really sweet.  I minced the chicken meat and mixed with the porridge(this is a good way to let the kids eat chicken if they have no teeth to bite!)  They are not able to tell that there's chicken in the porridge.
To make my porridge looks interesting, here's some heart-shaped carrot and potatoes from my ABC soup ^__^.  Bon Appetite!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Snax Box # 027 - Cheesy Snack Box

 Here's what I packed for my lil prince this week.  Only manage to upload two photos here as I have forgotten to download the others from my camera.  I bought the cheese cake from Jusco on Sunday and lil prince had cheese cake to take to school for 3 days in a row :P.  In order not to bored him with only cheese cake every day, I made  him some smiley faces ^__^.  Good news is, he 'sapu' everything clean for the past three days!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!
It’s Valentine’s Day today.  I’ve actually wanted to make something for lil prince teachers in the school but due to time constraint, I just managed to pack some heart chocolate for them.  I bought a few packets of heart chocolates from Giant and put them in a small heart-shaped bag.  I asked lil prince to write the word “Happy Valentine’s Day” (at least he did contribute to the valentine’s day project J) .  
 Lil prince was very happy and jolly this morning as he knows he has a small gift for his teachers.  Somehow I realised that he loves to give things to his teachers, just that he won’t say anything to his teachers, he will give and run away immediately ^__^.

I almost forgot to gave his music teacher a valentine's gift until hubby reminded me.  I quickly bought two Cadbury chocolates, wrapped them up with a nice ribbon and added a special note.

I make this valentine’s day bento for him today.  Heart shaped cheese sandwich and also heart-shaped strawberries :P.  I also packed some heart-shaped biscuits for him.  Everything is about LOVE today!
I Love you lil prince!  Hope you enjoy the valentine’s day bento snack.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Petronas Streetsmart Exhibition 2012

Petronas Streetsmart Exhibition 2012 Presents “Mickey’s Safety Club”.
We had the opportunity to attend the Mickey’s Safety Club Showcase last Saturday at the PETRONAS StreetSmart 2012.  It was indeed a wonderful experience for the kids to learn all about road safety in a fun way with Mickey and his Clubhouse friends.
PETRONAS teams up with Disney Junior to highlight the preschool channels brand new short-form series, Mickey’s Safety Club, at the PETRONAS StreetSmart road safety exhibition.  This special interactive exhibition will be in KL for eight months is part of a nationwide road show organized by PETRONAS to help instil positive road safety habits among young Malaysian.

We reach KLCC at 1.30pm and had our lunch before we proceed to the registration counter at 2.30pm.  I also met Ms. Sophia for the first time.  She was a very friendly lady.  Upon registration, we proceed to the exhibition area which was really amazing.  There were road signs, sign board and etc.  There were a few interactive games such as driving cars and also motorbikes available for kids to have their hands-on experience.  Lil prince loved driving the interactive car.

At 3.00pm, there was a colouring contest.  Each kid was given a set of colour pencils and a mickey mouse colouring sheet.  As expected, my lil boy didn’t manage to finish his masterpiece but at least he did 70%.  There was also a short skit by Disney Junior followed by the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon which the kids loved to watch.
I found the interactive programmes very informative and teaches a lot on road safety.  Although lil prince is still too young to read, he seems to pay attention when I was explaining to him. Even lil princess was also attracted to the touch screen information.

If you are free head on to the PETRONAS StreetSmart exhibition this February to enjoy Mickey’s magical world of road safety with PETRONAS and Disney Junior.  Admission to the exhibition is free.  It is open to public from Tuesdays to Sundays and closed on Mondays.  The opening hours are from 9.30am to 6.00pm.

And the fun continues in space with a one-hour special of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Space Adventure which will premiere at 1pm on February 20. Young fans can tune in to ASTRO Channel 613 for an exciting treasure hunt in space with Mickey and friendly space aliens Moon Men Chip and Dale, Martian Mickey and Pluto from Pluto!

Some important information on Road Safety

Mascot Appearance

Our goodies bag ^__^.  Loved the mickey mouse hat, so cute!

 Thank you PETROSAINS and Disney Junior for the wonderful experience. 

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Snax Box # 026 - Monday Rabbit Bento

It's Monday again *sigh*...I guess everyone hates Monday.  I always struggle on Monday morning because lil prince will always 'lau kai', not wanting to go to school again after the weekends (two days) off from school. 

We had a good time during the weekend.  Time flies when  you are always having fun, don't they.  We attended the Mickey's Safety Club Showcase on Saturday and went to my dad's place for the night.  The kids loved to stay overnight at my dad's place coz they get to play and play and play!  That's what kids likes to do :P.  On Sunday, we followed my dad to the SJK(C) Imbi for The Federation of Malaysia Chinese Guilds Associatioin CNY Celebration.  The highlights of the event was the lion dance show!

Here's the bento snack box that I packed for lil prince on Monday.  Cheese rabbit and at the bottom was sushi ham and bread.  Added his favourite marshmallows and the fruits menu was grapes and strawberries. 
Have a Happy Monday!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Dryers - Bounce With Joy

This is a very delayed post ^__^.   We received an invitation in November 2011 from Drypers to participate in one of their event entitled Bounce with Joy!  The event was held at MEGAKIDZ.  It was a joint event by Drypers and The National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM). The admission fee was RM50 per kid and lil princess was free as she was below 3 years old. 
We attended the morning session. 
There was a talk by Nasom and at the same time on the other side of the hall, there were activities for the kids entertained by a clown.  I attended the talk with lil princess while daddy accompanied lil prince at the activities corner.  I enjoyed the talk and found it very educational. 

The kids were also served with kids meal and at the end of the event, we also received a party pack.  It was indeed an enjoyable experience for us especially the kids!  They also sold some premium gifts outside at the registration counter.  I bought a T-shirt for souvenier.  Here are some photos taken on that day.

Some information on The National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM)

The premium cups.  Loved their design but I like the T-shirt better :P.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Snax Box # 025 - Mini Egg Tarts

I've just changed the title of my blog again.  Thought of having a blog name with a common name so that I can blog about anything under the sun!  instead of just my snax box. 

This is a post on my bento mini egg tarts :P
My lil prince likes to eat egg tarts.  I would buy him mini egg tarts as they are smaller and easier for him to bite.  These mini egg tarts were bought from a nearby pasar malam.  RM3 per box of 5 pieces.  They have cheese tarts, pandan egg tarts and also yam egg tarts.

I've added some 'facial expressions' to my mini egg tarts.  Aren't they cute?

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Snax Box #024 - Happy Teddy Bears

This is my four happy teddy bears creation.  Cut them out using a teddy bear shaped cutter and also a flower cutter.  The white ones are cheese cakes and the black flowers are chocolate cake.  Bought some cherry tomatoes (yellow and red) and some grapes.  The facial expressions are made out of seaweed.

Have a Happy Day my Lil Prince!!

January Updates

My blog have been abandon again ^__^.  This working mummy is really lazy in updating her blog :P.  With my full time work and two kids to handle at home, sometimes, you can just be too exhausted to login to the internet at night.  I do salute working moms who updates their blogs regulary.  Thumbs up for all working mums out there!

School started in January for my lil prince.  As expected after two weeks break from school and some short vacation trip, he cried on the first day of school and also the next few days.  Luckily he managed to settle down on the second week. 

Here are some bento snack box that I made for him to bring to school.  Hope to have time to update more.