Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Petronas Streetsmart Exhibition 2012

Petronas Streetsmart Exhibition 2012 Presents “Mickey’s Safety Club”.
We had the opportunity to attend the Mickey’s Safety Club Showcase last Saturday at the PETRONAS StreetSmart 2012.  It was indeed a wonderful experience for the kids to learn all about road safety in a fun way with Mickey and his Clubhouse friends.
PETRONAS teams up with Disney Junior to highlight the preschool channels brand new short-form series, Mickey’s Safety Club, at the PETRONAS StreetSmart road safety exhibition.  This special interactive exhibition will be in KL for eight months is part of a nationwide road show organized by PETRONAS to help instil positive road safety habits among young Malaysian.

We reach KLCC at 1.30pm and had our lunch before we proceed to the registration counter at 2.30pm.  I also met Ms. Sophia for the first time.  She was a very friendly lady.  Upon registration, we proceed to the exhibition area which was really amazing.  There were road signs, sign board and etc.  There were a few interactive games such as driving cars and also motorbikes available for kids to have their hands-on experience.  Lil prince loved driving the interactive car.

At 3.00pm, there was a colouring contest.  Each kid was given a set of colour pencils and a mickey mouse colouring sheet.  As expected, my lil boy didn’t manage to finish his masterpiece but at least he did 70%.  There was also a short skit by Disney Junior followed by the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon which the kids loved to watch.
I found the interactive programmes very informative and teaches a lot on road safety.  Although lil prince is still too young to read, he seems to pay attention when I was explaining to him. Even lil princess was also attracted to the touch screen information.

If you are free head on to the PETRONAS StreetSmart exhibition this February to enjoy Mickey’s magical world of road safety with PETRONAS and Disney Junior.  Admission to the exhibition is free.  It is open to public from Tuesdays to Sundays and closed on Mondays.  The opening hours are from 9.30am to 6.00pm.

And the fun continues in space with a one-hour special of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Space Adventure which will premiere at 1pm on February 20. Young fans can tune in to ASTRO Channel 613 for an exciting treasure hunt in space with Mickey and friendly space aliens Moon Men Chip and Dale, Martian Mickey and Pluto from Pluto!

Some important information on Road Safety

Mascot Appearance

Our goodies bag ^__^.  Loved the mickey mouse hat, so cute!

 Thank you PETROSAINS and Disney Junior for the wonderful experience. 


  1. It was a surprised when you gave me a pat..ahhahah. Luckily I did not forget your name for you know I am one with low memory..ahahahah

  2. You have got really good memory! You didn't even hesitate and called out my name immediately! I was really happy to see you again!

  3. I saw the ad in newspaper, but did not bring Sarah to the event.
    We know that Sarah still not ready to join a big grp of ppl for some activities.
    Furthermore, the mascots will scared her away.

  4. You can still bring Sarah there. The interactive games are fun. Don't worry, my lil boy is also afraid of the mascots! He never go near them to take photos!

  5. Yikes, you were there? :( I didn't see you?

  6. Yes, Merryn. Next time I see you, will definately introduce myself. Shy-lah ^__^