Sunday, 26 February 2012

ABC Porridge with Love

We had ABC porridge for the weekend.  My friends told me that ABC soup is good for antioxidant.  I boiled the ABC soup first before adding in the rice to cook the porridge.  Lately, my lil princes fancied porridge a lot and we found that it was easier to feed her with porridge rather than rice.  Probably she is teething.  Feeding her with porridge was less fuss and stress for us too :P. 
I used two chicken for the soup and it tasted really sweet.  I minced the chicken meat and mixed with the porridge(this is a good way to let the kids eat chicken if they have no teeth to bite!)  They are not able to tell that there's chicken in the porridge.
To make my porridge looks interesting, here's some heart-shaped carrot and potatoes from my ABC soup ^__^.  Bon Appetite!

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