Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Friso Growing Up Together @ 1 Utama

We went to the Frisco Growing Up Together Road show at 1U last weekend.  Thanks to Mummy Ling for posting this event at her blog.  We reached there early as we wanted to borrow the stroller for lil princess since nowadays we seldom bring out her stroller.  It's much easier to borrow from the malls, after all it's FOC :P.

I think we were the first to register for the event when they started.  We registered ourselves, got our passport and proceed to enter the interactive 'tunnel'.  We only managed to play two games at the interactive tunnel before proceeding to the photo section.

The photo section had a cartoon camera which will capture our photo and add 'decorative' items to the photo.  Next, we register for the craft activity.  They were having the hanging mobile craft at 11.00am.  Both lil prince and I went for the craft session while the other pair (papa and lil princess went ronda-ronda).   I enjoyed the craft session but lil price seems to enjoying playing with the rings instead of helping me with the hanging mobile.  Mummy did most of the craft!

Overall, we did enjoy ourselves especially the kids as they love to play with the interactive games.  I do enjoy attending events like this which has kids activities.  Nowadays most of the roadshows events have lots of interactive PC programmes! 

 Their next stop will be at Sunway Pyramid from 9 March to 11 March 2012.  If you miss the one at 1U, don't worry, you can still visit them at Sunway Pyramid.


Here's our craft work, the hanging mobile.  It's now hanging beautifully at our dinning hall :P


  1. awww...u get to make the hanging mobile. that's nice.

  2. Thanks Mummy Ling. Yup, I like it a lot too!

    Little Kit Boy Mummy,
    Thank you. They do have very nice crafts for kids!