Thursday, 1 March 2012

RM5 for Bubblegummer Shoe

Bata was having a Shoe Fair Sale at Viva Expo Hall and of course since we were at Viva, I wouldn't miss this sale.  I guess all ladies are into shoes!  I went to their shoe sales last year too and manage to grab some shoes for lil princess for a very reasonable price.

It was hard to believe that we can actually buy a pair of shoe at RM5.  This time, they had more ladies shoes as compared to the last one that I went last year.  As I was looking around, I saw a pair of shoe for my lil prince price at RM5!  I actually cannot believe that the Bubblegummers shoe is RM5 and I asked the sales promoter there to confirm.  I used to buy a pair at RM29.99 and sometimes even at a higher price.  This shoe cost only RM5.  Although the colour is a bit dull (brown colour) coz I prefer to buy blue shoes for my lil prince, hence, I thought no harm buying as we can use it for casual wear.  I bought two pairs with different sizes.  At least I know for the next two months, I don't have to go around scouting for shoes again :).  I don't normally spent much on my kids shoes since they outgrown them every few months.  I think this is really a good buy, value for money and quality!
 This time I also managed to buy two pairs for myself.  Both are from Bata Comfit.  Each price at RM20.00.  I saw the original price for this pair was RM69.90.   Nice shoe for evening wear.

This one was for casual wear, original price was RM49.90.  I bought it for RM20.

Overall, I paid RM50 for four pairs of shoes.  Not bad,ya!   I am still very amazed at my RM5 shoe!


  1. I went to this shoe sales too last year which was also held in Viva Home and managed to grab
    9 pairs of shoe (3 pairs for my boy, 2 for myself, 3 for my mom and 1 for my hubby) just like Christmas gift, everyone has got their share.

    But afraid will not be going this time round cos already have some other plans for this coming weekends.

  2. Yes, Mummy Ling. Very 'tai'...:)

    Lil Kit Boy Mummy,
    Wah, you bought a lot of shoes last year loh. I went on the last day, only managed to buy few pairs. All out of stock liao. No worries, hopefully they will have another sale again.

  3. Wah!! Good deals you got yourself there!

  4. Thanks Merryn, it was really worth the $$$ :P.