Monday, 5 March 2012

My 1st Pizza Activity

Last weekend we had pizza making activity at home.  This was my first time making pizza at home.  I wanted to let lil prince to have some hands-on experience in making pizza.  Due to time constraint, I didn't want to make the pizza base (coz I don't want all the mess in my kitchen).  I bought the ready made pizza base and pizza sauce.  The pizza base comes in a pack of 5 for RM 5.20.  

As for my pizza toppings, I had button mushroom, sausages, crab stick and tuna.  I wasn't sure if my home made pizza will turn out well, hence I didn't prepare a lot of ingredients (just some simple ones that I can find from my kitchen).  Lil prince had fun helping me to make the pizza.  It was quite an easy task for him to.  He only had to spread the pizza sauce and add in all the ingredients and arrange them any design he like.  Of course while he was arranging it, some went to him tummy as well :P.

My greatest satisfaction at the end of this activity was to see him munching his pizza one by one.  He kept saying 'oooo so nice'!

Here's our 'master piece'....home made pizza!


  1. Looks simple and easy...will give a try when time permits...hehhehe

  2. Mummy Ling,
    Yes, it's very simple and easy. Else lazy ppl like me won't do it :)...Try out with your kids. It should be fun!

  3. Love pizza but am always lazy to do the base. During desperate times I'll just use white bread as da base :)

  4. Good idea, Merryn. I shall try using the bread as base the next round. Me too lazy to do the base, so I just buy ready made base ^__^