Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Snax Box # 035 Chicken Meat Floss Bread

 I still have some left overs 'kuih bahulu' from yesterday as I bought a big box :).  My lil prince asked me not to pack too many for him as he said he cannot finished them.  So, I only pack one 'kuih bahulu' and I made some bread with chicken meat floss.  I was afraid that it will be messy for him to eat if I just put the meat floss in sandwich style.  Hence, I rolled them up (like sushi ^__^) so that the meat floss will not drop off.

The side dishes are some fruits (grapes and strawberries) accompanied by some cheese biscuits.  I gave him a sweet treat today as you can see, the ice-cream cone marshmallow.  I also fancy this ice-cream marshmallow too.  It's pretty cute!

This is my so called sushi meat floss bread creation for today :P.


  1. The bread sushi looks good. Mummy is really hardworking and well-planned.

  2. I saw an ice cream...is dat a one there?

  3. @Sheoh Yan,
    Thank you for your compliments. Me, not very hardworking, sometimes on lazy days, I just pack simple bread for my kid :P.

    @Mummy Ling,
    Yes, it's so called 'ice-cream'. The white one on top is actually a soft marshmallow and with a tiny cone :P.