Thursday, 29 March 2012

Snax Box # 038 Fishy Friday

TGIF!!!!...I love Fridays…but too bad, I need to work this weekend. Anyway, I still have Sunday to rest, though.

Today I tried making the ‘fish’ egg for lil prince using my egg mould but it didn’t really turn out well.  Can’t see the fish prints on my egg.  I gave him some fish biscuits (cheese flavor) and two cream puffs that I bought from a nearby bakery.  I also packed some raisins and gave him some chocolate sunflower seeds as a treat!  I bought the chocolate sunflower seeds from Candylicious.  My favourite shop at 1 Utama!  I simply adores that candy shop.  

Have a nice weekend everyone!!


  1. Your son's classmates sure jealous at his lunchbox. Everyday also packs with goodies.

  2. @Sheoh Yan,
    I think they are still too young to get jealous, right? He doesn't seems to tell me that he appreciate my lunch box yet...*sigh*....

  3. Fishy Friday....very nice name. Btw, he can finish everything in the lunch box? Normally my boy will only eats what he likes. (sigh) Maybe mine is not as tempting as yours.

  4. Thanks, Kit Boy Mummy. Yes, he can finish everything coz he don't eat much for breakfast. My boy also same, sometimes he just eat what he likes coz he's really a picky eater!