Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Drypers Pool Party

We were invited to the Drypers Pool Party for the young VIP’s  last week at The Club @ Bukit Utama.  I was not aware that Bukit Utama has a swimming club although we often go to that area.   We didn’t have any problem locating the place as the map provided was straight forward.  We arrived at The Club at 8.30am and proceed to the registration counter.  The first impression my lil prince had was ‘ wahhh…mummy look at the kids pool!’.  He was so amazed with the water tubes and slides at the wading pool.  The club has an Olympic-sized swimming pool. 

Besides the pool, there are other impressive facilities available at The Club which includes a nine-hole golf course with night golfing amenities and three indoor tennis courts, four squash courts and two futsal courts.  Our main attraction for the day was to head on to the kids POOL!

Upon registration, we were ushered to the waiting area whereby we waited for other families to arrive.  After the opening speech, each kid was given a float.  Mind you, they prepared very nice floats and balls for the kids.  All the inflatable floats were so cute!  Lil princess was a bit scared of the water, I guess she was not used to it.  I should bring her out to the pool more often.  I ask lil prince to play at the water tubes and slides at the wading pool but he refused!  Sigh!  My lil boy is so scared of the slides.

 Drypers also prepared a set of toiletries for us that include, the baby bath, shampoo, towel, wipes and etc.  We just have to bring along our clothes for change.  After our pool session, we gathered at the hall for a short challenge.  Mummy and lil princess was asked to wear the Drypers bib and the fastest mummy/daddy to complete wins a hamper sponsored by Drypers.  Guess what, my lil princess was so cooperative and we won the challenge!  Gee…this is my first time winning a challenge with my lil one. We got one of these hampers will a full range of Drypers products!  Three families walked away with these beautifully wrapped Drypers hampers.

After the challenge, we filled our tummy with the lunch that was provided.  It was very thoughtful of them to prepare all the foods that most kids loved to eat such as nuggets, sausages and potatoe wedges.  These are my kids favourites as they don’t get to eat them at home :P.

This was indeed a wonderful event for our family.  We had a splashing time at the pool.  Drypers has indeed brought us together to spend some quality time as a family together!

Thank you Drypers Malaysia and Vibes Communication!

Here are some photos of The Club @ Bukit Utama.


  1. so fun.......congrats for winning the prize.

  2. so much of fun....the kids sure love it! congrats for winning the big prize. Mama is the happiest person jor..ehehehe

  3. Got food provided, got water play and got prize, sure it is a wonderful event for you and your family.

  4. Mery,
    Thanks! Yes, it was a fun day for the kids!

    Mummy Ling.
    Kam Siah! You are right, mama is the happiest person!!

    Sheoh Yan,
    Yes, it was indeed a great family outing!

  5. woo i love that mushroom float! :)

  6. so cute for the kid with the float :) your kids must have had a great time there!

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  7. @life-muses
    Yes, yes me too love that mushroom float! We get to bring it home!

    Yes, we enjoyed ourselves to the max!