Monday, 26 March 2012

Snax Box # 036 "Ice-Cream Snax"

My lil prince was having cough for quite some time.  He did ask to eat ice-cream on certain occasions but we minimize it as we were afraid that it will make his cough worse.  But he has been coughing for few weeks now.  *sigh* I guess it is common for kids when they go to pre-school, they often get sick every now and then.

Anyway, I bought some ice-cream cones from Jusco yesterday and a cheese cake.  I planned to make him a so-called ice-cream cone but with cheese cake on top instead of ice-cream :P.  I scoop the cheese cake to make it look like a ball (I think it didn't turn out well) and added some heart sprinkles on top.

Here's my ice-cream snax box for today accompanied with some red and yellow tomatoes, grapes and strawberries.  I also gave him some egg biscuits (the round shaped biscuits) and two mochi.  Since I still have some ice-cream cones left over, I'm planning to buy some cake probably and make him another cone tomorrow ^__^. 


  1. Oh my! You are so creative. Ice cream cone with cheese cake. Looks so cute and lovely. Bet your son will proud of his lunch box.

  2. Thanks, Sheoh Yan for your lovely comments :P
    He's still too young to appreciate my lunch box..hehehe...

  3. yeah, you are so creative. your little one is so lucky :)

  4. Thanks, Mommy to Chumsy for your compliments. I do enjoy packing food for my lil one ^__^. It's a daily routine for me :P

  5. Non-cold ice cream on cone is a novel idea! I shall try it :)

  6. Health Freak Mommy,
    Thanks! Yes, no choice coz my lil one cannot take the real ice-cream :)