Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Snax Box # 037 Smiley Bears

My lil prince came back yesterday and I asked him what he ate in school (just to see how well his memory serves him).  He told me that he had ice-cream cone (I packed ice-cream cone for him on Monday).  He added one more comment “ Mummy, can you make the ice-cream like the ones we have in the store?”.  I think what he meant was my so-called ice-cream didn’t look like an ice-cream for him.  He said there’s no swirls/twist (like the mcdonalds ice-cream cone ^__^). Hmmm....I need to put on my thinking cap and see how I improve on my 'food art' to convince him.
Here's my snack box for today.  I used the left over cheese cake that I bought from Jusco.  The bear shaped is made out of cheese and the eyes, nose and etc are made of seaweed.  I only like to use smiley face on my snack box as it makes me happy when I see them :P.  I do hope my food box will also put a smile on my lil prince face each time he opened his snack box in school. I added some teddy bear biscuits with vanilla filling and some raisins for him.  I also gave him his cherry tomatoes and strawberries.  Oh, yes almost forget about the tiny marshmallow.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Enjoyed looking (and drooling) at all your lovely snack boxes. You are very good in bento-ing! :)

  2. I agree with Chloe's mummy. I never as hard hardworking as you. I didn't decorate their lunch boxes at all. You are great.

  3. @ChloeRuoyi & Sheoh Yan,
    Thanks a lot for your lovely comments. Really give me motivation! I'm still very new in bento-ing. I find it a joy in packing food for my lil one. It all started because he's a picky eater.

    Sheoh Yan,
    You can try to decorate your kids lunch boxes too. It will be fun!