Friday, 30 March 2012

All About Carrots

I used to have a hard time getting my lil prince to eat carrots.  When he was a baby, we don't have any problems in getting him to eat carrots as we can puree the carrot.  As he grows older, we no longer puree his food but cut the carrots into smaller pieces.  It started from there, he seems to keep his distance away from carrots!

Few months back, I planned an activity for him.  I told him we are going to do some cutting activity.  I boiled the carrots, gave him a butter-knife and asked him to cut the carrots.  He seems to like this cutting activity a lot.  While he was cutting, he pop some of the carrots into his mouth!  From that day onwards, he reunited with carrots again ^__^.  Boy, I was so pleased with that.   I told him, after all his hard work of cutting the carrots, he needs to taste his carrots.
Last week, we did another carrot cutting activity  This time, I used my numbers cutter and let him cut out the shapes from the carrots.  He added his carrots into his porridge and his soup for his dinner.  The best part is he 'sapu' all his carrot porridge and carrot soup!

My next task will be getting him to eat greens!


  1. Cute cutter you have there, and this is a good start and a good way to get him eat veggie. Thumbs up for you.

  2. Thanks, Sheoh Yan,
    I do have to think of creative ways to get my kids to eat veggie!!