Monday, 2 April 2012

Snax Box # 039 Egg Tart

How was your weekend?  Hope all you had a good weekend.  As usual, Monday blues again.... Sometimes, don't we wish our weekend is longer instead of just two days?  I wasn't feeling well yesterday, hence I bought some egg tarts from TK cake shop and packed it for lil prince snack box today.

I boiled the carrots and gave him some mayonnaise sauce to dip.  I was afraid that he might be bored with eating the carrots alone. This was the first time I used my little sauce container.  I still have some bento tools which are not open yet.   Hopefully he will be more mature in the coming months for me to try out my bento tools especially the food picks ^__^.

His snack box today comes with some grapes, strawberries and also some cherry tomatoes. Oh yes, almost forgotten the three bears biscuits besides the food divider.

Have a nice week ahead!


  1. You sure make your prince's classmate jealous at his bento. Beautiful.

  2. aww... so cute! So lucky ur anak :)

  3. tart is so cute la.

  4. @Sheoh Yan,
    Thank you for your compliment. I think his classmates are still too young to get jealous. Didn't hear him say anything about it from school.

    @Small Kucing,
    Thanks for dropping by :)

    No choice, need to make his food attractive to con him into eating...else he will be like a skeleton!

    @Mummy Ling,
    Kam Siah!! Just added the eyes, nose and mouth!