Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Snax Box # 048 Smiley Sausages Rolls

Yesterday was a happy day for me.  First of all, my lil prince came back with an EMPTY food box which means he ATE all his food.  He finished all the sushi bread that I made for him.  At least it's really worth my time and effort spend in preparing the food box.

Secondly, he got all his spelling for his chinese (ting xie) correct!  Being a banana mum, I am very pleased with his progress in chinese as it was very difficult for me to coach him in this subject.  Right now, I'm also learning chinese with my lil prince.  Although he didn't write well in some of the chinese characters, he still managed to get the strokes right.  We can't  push him too hard coz he's a year end baby.  I am already very satisfied with this results :P.  His teacher gave him a few stickers as a reward for getting all correct.

Today, I made him some sausage rolls with smiley faces.  The smiley faces are made out of seaweed.  The other side dishes are cherry tomatoes, strawberries and grapes.  I also gave him some koko crunch and some Multigrains Cheerios.


  1. These sushi rolls are very cute. I would like to try these too one day.

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  3. Thanks, Sheoh Yan. Yes, you can make them for your princess at home. They are very easy!