Thursday, 5 April 2012

Snax Box #042 Happy Easter

Lil prince came back yesterday with this piece of craft in his bag.  I think it's cute.  The kids colour on the easter eggs and paste some flowers in the middle.  This reminds me that this Sunday is Easter.  I thought at least I should give lil prince an egg to bring to school today.  I made him a bunny shaped egg with eyes and mouth (used seaweed) and the little bunnies beside the egg are made of cheese and beneath it were two pieces of cake.  I also had my watermelon cut into bunny shaped since the theme is Easter :P.

Too bad, no bunny biscuits.  I only have these animals biscuits at home.  There were shapes of animals printed on these biscuits, not sure if you can see them clearly.  It's a bit blur.  They are elephant and dolphin.

Hope he likes my lil bunnies!

Happy Easter!


  1. Cute bunny eggs lunch box. Happy Easter to you.

  2. I'm sure Lil Prince will loves this cute bunny snack box.

    Happy Easter to you, Kitty and have a nice weekend.

  3. that's a very nice craft :) happy easter to you and your family. your snack box is always so interesting :)

  4. is the pink one a piece of bunny-shaped ham? thats so lovely! :D

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  5. ooo...i like cute :)

  6. @Sheoh Yan, Kit Boy Mummy, Mommy to Chumsy, Fish and Small Kucing
    Thanks a lot for all of your lovely comments. Happy Easter to all of you too!