Monday, 30 April 2012

Weekend @ Home

 Hope everyone had a good weekend.  I felt that my weekend too short, as I was working on Saturday.  Basically, there's only 1 1/2 days off from work.  Sometimes I do wish our weekend is longer and not Saturday and Sunday :P...

 I cooked pasta on Saturday for the kids as I still had one can of the Prego Alfredo Mushroom sauce.  I bought the Safari Kids Pasta from Cosway the other day.   This was an organic pasta with zoo animals. 

I can see some of the animals shapes clearly but some, after cooking, just looked like normal pasta ^__^.  I didn't have much ingredient at home, just used some ham and minced meat.

 I also bought some fish fillet from the market in the morning and fried them.  The fish seller told me it was called 'sang yu', not sure what it is called in English, though (sorry).  After marinating the fish with light soya sauce, pepper, sesame oil and corn starch, I fried it.  The fish really taste good!  At least both my kids love it.  I should buy more the next time.

 Here's my animals pasta with fried fish.  Both the kids love it to max.  Finished the whole bowl!  Mummy is so satisfied!!  All my sweat in the kitchen paid off.

On Sunday, we spend half of the day at home but we went swimming in the morning.  I took both my  lil prince and lil princess to the pool.  As I was taking two kids to the pool, no more hands to bring a long my camera *sigh*!!  It was quite challenging to get the kids out of the pool!  I am looking forward for a day off tomorrow.  Happy Labour Day!


  1. Saturday eventhough say half day, usually end up more like one day.


  2. Oh fried "sang yu" so sedap ah. What a fruitful weekend you had with your family. Enjoy your day off tomorrow. :)

  3. I find this Prego sauce not very nice... very thick, starchy and not that fragrant. But same like your kids, my Chloe also polished the bowl clean and said it's nice :)

  4. happy labour day. Ashley loves this Prego sauce and always ask for it :P

  5. @Kathy,
    Yes, I agreed with you. Working half day is like working full day on Saturday :(

    @Mummy Gwen,
    Ya ya...very delicious! You too enjoy your day!

    Kids have different taste! As long as they polished the bowl clean clean, I don't mind cooking it :P

    @Mommy to Chumsy,
    Happy Labour day to you too! Hope you had a good rest!

  6. I haven't tried this Prego Mushroom source. I will try one day. Your pasta surely looks good. You are a hardworking mother.

  7. @Sheoh Yan,
    Yes, you can try this one day. Personally I love it. You too is a hardworking mum! Both of us 'ka yau'!!

  8. Hi Kitty thanks for visiting my blog. Cooking pasta with "sang yu" is a new thing for me. Hope to try it out.


  9. @Angeline,
    Thank you for visiting my blog too! Yes, you should try frying 'sang yu'..they taste good!

  10. Fuh! Those floats are really something! If Ethan gets that... tsk tsk... he'll never leave the pool :)

  11. Simple dishes and looks delicious.

  12. @Merryn,
    Yaya, I also loved the floats. They are adorable! That's y I always had a hard time dragging my kids out of the pool!

    @Jobless Girl,
    Yup, simple dishes for lazy mummy...heheheh. Thank you for visiting my blog.