Friday, 27 April 2012

Snax Box # 049 Snack Box with Konnyaku Jelly

 After my first attempt to make the Konnyaku Jelly, I thought it would be nice to add it in his snack box.  Yesterday, I steamed some 'mantou' and give him the heart-shaped jelly.

 Today, I packed the fish shaped jelly for him and made some cheese sandwich.  Since, it was the last day of the week, I thought I just made him something simple.  Lazy mummy ......hehehehe...
Have a nice weekend everyone!!


  1. You are a working mum and still have time to make beautiful bentos for your son. Salute you. The fish jelly is sooo cute.

  2. I love seeing your bentos for your son, just full of love that I could feel.

  3. konyaku is my childhood fave! :) a simple dessert to brighten your son's day

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  4. @Kathy,
    Thanks. Hmm...I'm not sure if his classmates will get jealous. He don't know how to tell me yet.

    @Mummy Gwen,
    Thanks a lot! I enjoy making the bentos and also it is because of my picky eater!

    @Sheoh Yan,
    Thank you for your compliment!

    Konnyaku jelly is also my favourite!