Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Snax Box # 040 All About Tarts

It is all about tarts today.  I was busy with lil princess lately and didn’t have time to think of what to pack for lil prince snack box.  Hence, I bought some fruit tarts yesterday from TK Confectionary(Thong Kei).  I like their fruit tarts, not so sweet and very delicious.  I gave lil prince a pineapple tart that we bought from our Melaka Trip.  The other side dishes are cherry tomatoes, grapes and strawberries.  Besides that I also gave him some so-called crab crackers (not sure if you can see the crab shaped crackers), they are a bit small :P

I also bought the Napoleon Cake from TK Confectionary and cut a small piece for him.  I heard about this Napoleon Cake from watching the Hong Kong movies and I always wonder, what type of cake it was.  When I saw that TK Confectionary was selling it, I bought it see how it taste like.  After checking the internet, napoleon cake is a rectangular piece of pastry made with crisp, flaky layers filled with custard cream.  Although first time trying, I do like this cake.  Something different from our normal sponge cake.

Here’s my Tuesday snack box for lil prince.


  1. I think i heard Napoleon cake before, but never tried it.

  2. i think this custard cake must have been really good :) i love custard pao btw

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  3. @Mummy Ling,
    Give it a try. Very nice loh!

    Me too, love custard pao!