Monday, 28 May 2012

Salted Vegetable Soup with Animals Pasta

 I was craving for 'ham choy tong' (salted vegetable soup) last weekend so I went to market on Saturday and bought some salted vegetable, toufu, tomatoes and roasted meat.  This is my favourite soup ever since I was young.  I remembered my grandmother used to cook this dish just for me every time I visited her at her house in Teluk Intan.

All she had to do was boiled this soup and cooked a pot of rice.  I normally will mixed the rice with soup and eat it for 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner!!).

For the two little ones at home, I made some animals pasta and added the soup in it.  I  fried some sausages and chicken ham for them.  I love weekends when I'm not working.  I love going to the market and buying fresh vegetables to cook some simple dishes for the kids.  Although sometimes it can be quite tiring when you had to work 5 days per week, sometimes you just don't feel like doing anything else during the weekend except to rest and rest! 

I also made some bunny faces out of the chicken ham and cut the sausages with my sausage wiener cutter.  One of it was a crab shape and the tall sausage was supposed to be a penguin but I think the shape didn't really 'show up' after I fried them :P.

I love cooking these pasta for my kids as my lil prince will look and see what animals he was eating in each scoop.  It has always been a headache for me to have a picky eater at home.  I always need to think of creative ways to make my kid eat.  Whenever, I cooked this pasta for  him, he will gladly finished his meal without any nagging from me! 

Friday, 25 May 2012

Teacher's Day Gifts & Party Food

Lil prince's kindy celebrated Teacher's Day today.  I guess they prefer to celebrate it on the last day of the semester.  It's like having a small party for the kids before they go for their holidays.

I am always very thankful to his kindy's teacher as they have taught him a lot of things and also they have been very very patience with my lil prince.  As a hyper active kid, lil prince is really famous in school.  Famous of being sent to the headmistress office!  Only naughty boys will be sent there.  Nevertheless, this year lil prince has improved a lot.  I get less complaints from his teacher and also from the headmistress.

Hence, when it comes to Teacher's Day, I think it's time we should appreciate all the teachers in his school who has taught him.  I bought a small flower for each of the teacher that has taught him from Year 3 to Year 5.  I also make each of them a box of chocolates.  As for his Year 5 teacher, I gave her a lil basket of goodies :).  I bought her a pencil case that says "#1 Teacher", some pencils, erasers and also stickers.  I notice that she will give out stickers to her students who get their spellings correct.  I thought it would be useful for her.

Next was the party food.  I make some marshmallows chocolate pops.  I bought some marshmallows from Giant, melted a bowl of chocolates and add in some colourful sprinkles.  After that I wrapped the marshmallows in a plastic.

At first I only thought of making one item, last minute, I was in the mood to make some jellies too.  Since, I am such a failure at baking cupcakes, I made cupcake jellies ^__^.  It was a last minute plan and I ended up sleeping at 1.00am yesterday!

It was my first time making the cupcake jellies.  I actually had to cook the jellies twice as the first time, it was not enough and I wanted to give all the kids a cupcake jelly.  Second round, I realized that I didn't have enough coconut milk...*sigh*...what a blur mummy.  That's why you see two different shades of cuppies jellies.

After pouring the jelly into the cupcake cups, they jellies look plain, so I added some decorations by cutting some star shapes, butterfly, rabbit, car and heart shape.

Lastly, time to packed....put all the items into a big basket and carry to school.

Here's the basket full of goodies for lil prince classmates in school!  Hope all the kids and the teachers had a good time party-ing in school today!

 Happy Teacher's Day!
Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Ice Lollies

I saw Sheoh Yan's making these ice lollies from her blog and I've always wanted to make some.  The other day while shopping at Daiso, I bought my ice lolly mould at RM5.  There were a few designs to choose.

I bought a can of fruit cocktail and ask lil prince to fill up the mould with fruits and pour some water into it.  I removed the syrup from the fruit cocktail as I was afraid it would be too sweet for the kids.

This was my first time making the ice lollies and I was surprise that my lil prince enjoyed making the ice lollies so much.  It was such a joy to see how kids are so easily contented with some simple activity in the kitchen. 

After pouring the fruits in the mould, we kept it in the freezer and my lil prince kept asking if his ice lollies are ready to be eaten every 5 minutes!.  He just can't wait!

Here's my homemade ice lollies!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Kleenex® “Share The Softness” Campaign

Kleenex is a very familiar name in my household.  I grew up using this brand of tissue and I am still very faithful to this brand untill today.  Kleenex tissue has become part of my life.  I will not leave home without having a Kleenex tissue in my bag.  I remember using Kleenex tissue to wipe my tears of sorrows when I failed in my exam during my school days, I also used it to wipe my tears of joy when I gave birth to my first baby.  Kleenex tissue is also my best companion when I am having a bad flu.

In my family, we love using Kleenex because of it’s softness and good quality.  Kleenex Facial Tissue is developed from top quality 100% pure virgin fiber using a novel technology to deliver the best in tissue softness and strength. 
Recently Kleenex®, has launched an innovative, new campaign called Share the Softness.  This campaign advocates the importance of softness in our everyday lives, and encourages sharing as a way of showing others that we care.   This campaign reminds me how we are so engross with our daily life and we often forget about our loves ones.  As a working mum, I have to juggle between my work, house chores and also educating my kids.
Share the Softness campaign also wants to spread their message through a variety of channels, primarily through three channels.
1.        Sharing Through Social Media.

You can request for Share pack through the Kleenex Malaysia \Facebook fan page and other interactive activities online such as special areas where fans can share their thoughts on a particular topic of the week.  The fan page will be a source of information as its members will receive a series of parenting and family activity ideas and updates on a regular basis. 
Don’t forget, throughout the year, you are also eligible to take part in contests that will kick off with the Kleenex® Moments contest in May, with RM14,500 worth of cash prizes and Kleenex® products to be won.
2.       Sharing with the Less Fortunate….. The Kleenex® Share the Softness campaign not only rewards consumers and their loved ones, but also gives back to the less privileged as well.  According to Mr Sumeet Parab for every entry in the Facebook Kleenex® Moments contest, 
       Kleenex will donate one pack of tissues to a non-profit organization. In fact, consumers can also use this as inspiration to reach out to the needy with the softness of Kleenex® – it would make a wonderful entry in the Kleenex® Moments contest!”  This is a good channel for us to share the softness with those who are less fortunate.  Don’t wait any more, quickly login to your facebook now and join the Kleenex® Moments contest!

3.    3.  Sharing On-Ground.  Kleenex® reveals the Kleenex® Share bundles specially packaged in sets of five at a recommended retail price of RM12.60 so you can buy four and get an extra pack to share with those you care about.  I just bought mine from Tesco and I fell in love with the beautiful garden flowers.  The series of floral designs incorporate simple garden flowers which are reinterpreted in a modern way with fresh colour themes to emphasize softness, elegance and freshness, giving you another reason to commemorate the importance of sharing the softness.  You can even collect each design as they will change with every quarter!   Take a look at these beautiful floral designs.

I love flowers and after using the Kleenex tissue, I recycled the tissue box and transform it into my so called stationary box.  It helps me to organize my things properly on my working table.  

I took this opportunity to Share the Softness of Kleenex with my mum on Mother's Day.  I bought the package and wrapped it with a simple ribbon and presented it to my mum on Mother’s Day :P.  Perfect gift for mummy!

I also make another one for lil prince class teacher as they will be celebrating their Teacher’s Day on the last day of the semester next week.  It will be perfect gift to share the softness with the people we care about.

I also shared the Kleenex softness with my friends.  See, even guys love the softness of Kleenex tissue on a hot and sunny day!

I would like to record my appreciation and special thanks to Sophia from Indeed Communication and to Kleenex for sharing this with me! After this campaign was launched, I realized that I had the opportunity to share the softness with all the people that I cared about.

Thank You Kleenex!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Snax Box # 052 Mini Sausages

I woke up early today to fry some mini sausages and an egg for lil prince snack box. I thought that my lil boy would be tired of just eating bread and biscuits everyday.  Wanted to make something different for him.  The mini sausages were a bit over cooked ^__^...because I was busy preparing his breakfast at the same time, didn't pay attention to the sausages.  I cut the egg into heart-shaped and also packed some cherry tomatoes and grapes for him.  Dessert was a piece of teddy bear marshmallow :P.

Mother's Day is this weekend, wishing all mothers out there "Happy Mother's Day".  Hope you will have a great weekend with your family.
(Pix taken from

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Snax Box # 051 Marie the Cat

I bought this pair of new cutters the other day from the bakery shop.  As a cat lover, I won't give this a miss.  I think the cat looks cute.  If I'm not mistaken, the cat is call Marie.  It should be one of the cartoon series too, I haven't watch this cartoon before. 

Although the sales girl told me that it is best use for making cookies, I use it to stamp on my bread instead.

I used  Massimo whole meal bread, hence the shape was not so clear and has some 'spots' on it.  I think it would look nicer with white bread.  I packed some lychee and grapes and also give two small jellies for lil prince snack box today.  There are also two pieces of panda biscuits and a small flower for the day!  Meow!!!

Monday, 7 May 2012

TK Napoleon Cake + Bamboo Tea

Here's my breakfast for today.

Bamboo Tea with Napoleon cake.  I really fell in love with TK Napoleon cake.  I think it was made out of layers of biscuits, creams and some nuts in between.  There is something special about the type of biscuits that they use, which was not so sweet and it was just perfect for my taste. For me, I can skip any meals of the day but not my breakfast.  Breakfast is very important to me as it gives me the strength and also the motivation to start my day.  Even when I am rushing in the morning, I must have something in my tummy before I start work, else I will be feeling something is missing for the entire day.

I also bought the Bamboo Tea (Vanilla Flavour)  from the Country Farm Organic Shop.  What I like about this tea is the Vanilla aroma.  This tea is Caffeine Free.  I am a tea person, I love drinking all kinds of tea. 

What did you have for your breakfast today?

Ice Activity

 We did an 'Ice Activity' last weekend.  I used two animals, one lion and one hippopotamus and freeze them overnight in a container.  The next day, I took it out and let the kids play around with it.  It was a good way to teach my lil princess that ice is cold and also to teach her about animals.  I remember reading about this activity for kid in one of the homeschooling website.

What I like about this activity is because it can make both my kids sit down for few minutes (until the ice melts).  At least for 20 minutes, I can do some house chores without worrying where was my lil princess is (where she will be either climbing on the sofa or sometimes on the table.  At first, I thought I only have one hyper-active son, now as days goes by, I think I have two hyper-active kids at home!

From the photo you can see how engrossed both of them were until they refuse to look up when I want to snap a photo!

I will definately freeze more animals the next round ^__^

Friday, 4 May 2012

Snax Box # 050 Happy Potato

TGIF!!!....This week I am really looking forward to have my weekend as I will have two days off!  Rest is really important for me!  I didn't know what title I should put for my snax box today as I made potato and sweet potato for lil prince snack box.  I almost wanted to name it Potato & Potato!...hahahaha...On second thought, I name it Happy Potato as I have smiley faces.

Here's my Happy Potato for his snack box.  The smiley faces are potatoes and the ones with heart-shaped seaweeds are sweet potato.  I also gave him half of the portuguese egg tart decorated with some 'flowers'. The other side dishes are strawberries + pineapple and two marshmallows.

I took this photo yesterday night, while the smiley face still look fresh but the photo look blur :(

This one was taken this morning, brighter background :P. The sweet potato started to turn grey.  I guess it was because I left it overnight in the fridge.

Enjoy your weekend!!