Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Snax Box # 051 Marie the Cat

I bought this pair of new cutters the other day from the bakery shop.  As a cat lover, I won't give this a miss.  I think the cat looks cute.  If I'm not mistaken, the cat is call Marie.  It should be one of the cartoon series too, I haven't watch this cartoon before. 

Although the sales girl told me that it is best use for making cookies, I use it to stamp on my bread instead.

I used  Massimo whole meal bread, hence the shape was not so clear and has some 'spots' on it.  I think it would look nicer with white bread.  I packed some lychee and grapes and also give two small jellies for lil prince snack box today.  There are also two pieces of panda biscuits and a small flower for the day!  Meow!!!


  1. oh wow, the cat cutter is really cute. i saw this at the bakery too. perhaps i should get one also.

  2. Cute! I also use these cookie cutters to stamp bread more than make cookies hehe. I have the Hello Kitty and Mickey & Minnie set.

  3. Probaby I need to invest some bread cutter too. My girls love egg mayo sandwices. I also buy massimo wholemeat bread. I find it nicer than plain bread.

  4. Oh nice. The outline looks very clear to me. I seldom stamp stamp coz lazy..but you motivate me to do it. Yes, that's Marie the cat.

  5. Marie the cat is so cute!

  6. @Mommy to Chumsy,
    Yes, I bought it because it's so adorable.

    I also plan to get the Hello Kitty cutter!

    @Sheoh Yan,
    Agreed with you totally. The massimo wholemeal taste better than plain bread.

    @Mummy Gwen,
    Thank you for your confirmation. I also wasn't sure if it is called Marie.

    @prince n princess mum,
    Thank you!

    Yaya...I love the cat!