Thursday, 17 May 2012

Kleenex® “Share The Softness” Campaign

Kleenex is a very familiar name in my household.  I grew up using this brand of tissue and I am still very faithful to this brand untill today.  Kleenex tissue has become part of my life.  I will not leave home without having a Kleenex tissue in my bag.  I remember using Kleenex tissue to wipe my tears of sorrows when I failed in my exam during my school days, I also used it to wipe my tears of joy when I gave birth to my first baby.  Kleenex tissue is also my best companion when I am having a bad flu.

In my family, we love using Kleenex because of it’s softness and good quality.  Kleenex Facial Tissue is developed from top quality 100% pure virgin fiber using a novel technology to deliver the best in tissue softness and strength. 
Recently Kleenex®, has launched an innovative, new campaign called Share the Softness.  This campaign advocates the importance of softness in our everyday lives, and encourages sharing as a way of showing others that we care.   This campaign reminds me how we are so engross with our daily life and we often forget about our loves ones.  As a working mum, I have to juggle between my work, house chores and also educating my kids.
Share the Softness campaign also wants to spread their message through a variety of channels, primarily through three channels.
1.        Sharing Through Social Media.

You can request for Share pack through the Kleenex Malaysia \Facebook fan page and other interactive activities online such as special areas where fans can share their thoughts on a particular topic of the week.  The fan page will be a source of information as its members will receive a series of parenting and family activity ideas and updates on a regular basis. 
Don’t forget, throughout the year, you are also eligible to take part in contests that will kick off with the Kleenex® Moments contest in May, with RM14,500 worth of cash prizes and Kleenex® products to be won.
2.       Sharing with the Less Fortunate….. The Kleenex® Share the Softness campaign not only rewards consumers and their loved ones, but also gives back to the less privileged as well.  According to Mr Sumeet Parab for every entry in the Facebook Kleenex® Moments contest, 
       Kleenex will donate one pack of tissues to a non-profit organization. In fact, consumers can also use this as inspiration to reach out to the needy with the softness of Kleenex® – it would make a wonderful entry in the Kleenex® Moments contest!”  This is a good channel for us to share the softness with those who are less fortunate.  Don’t wait any more, quickly login to your facebook now and join the Kleenex® Moments contest!

3.    3.  Sharing On-Ground.  Kleenex® reveals the Kleenex® Share bundles specially packaged in sets of five at a recommended retail price of RM12.60 so you can buy four and get an extra pack to share with those you care about.  I just bought mine from Tesco and I fell in love with the beautiful garden flowers.  The series of floral designs incorporate simple garden flowers which are reinterpreted in a modern way with fresh colour themes to emphasize softness, elegance and freshness, giving you another reason to commemorate the importance of sharing the softness.  You can even collect each design as they will change with every quarter!   Take a look at these beautiful floral designs.

I love flowers and after using the Kleenex tissue, I recycled the tissue box and transform it into my so called stationary box.  It helps me to organize my things properly on my working table.  

I took this opportunity to Share the Softness of Kleenex with my mum on Mother's Day.  I bought the package and wrapped it with a simple ribbon and presented it to my mum on Mother’s Day :P.  Perfect gift for mummy!

I also make another one for lil prince class teacher as they will be celebrating their Teacher’s Day on the last day of the semester next week.  It will be perfect gift to share the softness with the people we care about.

I also shared the Kleenex softness with my friends.  See, even guys love the softness of Kleenex tissue on a hot and sunny day!

I would like to record my appreciation and special thanks to Sophia from Indeed Communication and to Kleenex for sharing this with me! After this campaign was launched, I realized that I had the opportunity to share the softness with all the people that I cared about.

Thank You Kleenex!


  1. Kleenex tissue papers have good quality indeed.

    1. Yes, I like this brand a lot!

  2. My all time fav brand of tissue!

    1. Me too! My favourite companion!

  3. Replies
    1. Keeping my fingers cross, Fish!

  4. nice sharing and best of luck

  5. Kleenex is very soft yet strong. I super like!

    1. Yes, me too. Love the softness!

  6. I like this brand but mahal lah..hehe. Hope you win the contest. Good Luck!