Monday, 7 May 2012

TK Napoleon Cake + Bamboo Tea

Here's my breakfast for today.

Bamboo Tea with Napoleon cake.  I really fell in love with TK Napoleon cake.  I think it was made out of layers of biscuits, creams and some nuts in between.  There is something special about the type of biscuits that they use, which was not so sweet and it was just perfect for my taste. For me, I can skip any meals of the day but not my breakfast.  Breakfast is very important to me as it gives me the strength and also the motivation to start my day.  Even when I am rushing in the morning, I must have something in my tummy before I start work, else I will be feeling something is missing for the entire day.

I also bought the Bamboo Tea (Vanilla Flavour)  from the Country Farm Organic Shop.  What I like about this tea is the Vanilla aroma.  This tea is Caffeine Free.  I am a tea person, I love drinking all kinds of tea. 

What did you have for your breakfast today?


  1. The stack of Napolean cake looks so high!Sounds very nice as I like nuts in my biscuits.

  2. I never try this type of biscuit before. It looks good to me.

  3. First time I heard Bamboo Tea. The cake looks good. I can eat nasi lemak for breakfast everyday but not during my pregnancy lah.

  4. We are just the opposites. I can skip breakfast but not any other meals. I'm usually so busy in the morning that I don't have time to eat or feel hungry at all. Anyway, if I do take my breakfast, it's usually fruits, cereal or milk :)

    The Napoleon cake looks good to me too. I've never seen it before.

  5. Heard about napoleon cake...still haven't got the chance to try it though.

  6. @Health Freak Mummy,
    Me too, I love nuts!!

    How come your breakfast so late?

    @Sheoh Yan,
    Me too first time trying.

    @Mummy Gwen,
    I also love to eat nasi lemak...but not too spicy :P

    Haha...yaya...we have different time zone. Your breakfast is very healthy!

    @Mummy Ling,
    Give it a try!

  7. Mmm...the napolean cake sure look yummy. now you are making me hungry.