Monday, 29 October 2012

Our DIY Hot Wheels Track


As I was blog hopping one day, I came across Angie’s Journal  and was delighted to see that she is having a giveaway of the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Mid Air Madness.  My lil prince love anything that has WHEELS! Be it a car, truck, tractor, bicycle and anything with wheels, you name it, it is his favourite.  Hence, I thought of trying my luck and see if Santa Claus will be coming early this year to give a present for my lil prince ^__^.

We search around the house to see what we can find to make our own DIY Hot Wheels Track.  We found an empty to make the base.  We kept the box when we purchase my new PC, now it has become a new toy for my lil prince.  We printed some simple lines (black & white) as road tracks and pasted on the box.   At the bottom of the box were three parking space for the cars.
 After we have pasted the 'roads', I asked lil prince to arrange his ‘road construction’.  The first thing he did was to arrange his cars and lorry in the parking lot.  Then he moved on to make the buildings.  I wrapped some used toilet paper roll with colour paper and told him that these are the buildings.  He said he wanted to have a fire station, a school, a house and a pizza hut.  He proceed to draw his buildings and arrange his building on the box.

A Mini Zoo

We had a mini zoo in the middle and lil prince arranged his animals inside the green box.  Later he told me that he need to build a house for the animals because they need shelter!  He took some blocks and arranged a shelter for his animals.  This pretend play was really fun.  I get to see how creative my lil prince was.  You can see from the photo below that some of his animals were under his so called shelter :P.

Finally, here is my lil prince master piece.   He had a traffic lights and so called petrol station made out of empty boxes.  The polystrene foam at the back was a bridge.  Look at his angry bird at the top!  He said his angry bird is looking after his house  ^__^.   It was indeed a wonderful experience for me to see how creative my lil prince can be.  This simple DIY track are made out of all recycle stuff and my lil prince enjoyed playing with it so much.  
The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Mid Air Madness is just the right track for my lil prince and also for mummy as it saves so much space.  My lil prince had a few hot wheels cars which he adores so much and I hope that the hot wheels cars will soon have a fantastic track to race on together with our DIY race track!  I am sure both my lil prince and lil princess will be racing like mad with the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Snax Box # 079 Mushroom Mashed Potato

I made mashed potato for lil prince snack box today.  I boiled two potatoes, added one slice of cheese and some fried button mushroom from can.  I cooked the mashed potato the night before and kept it in the fridge because I know if I prepared this in the morning, it will be very rush for me and also the potato takes time to soften.  So, I make it the night before and just reheat the next morning before I placed them in my food cup (to save time).  I also added some seaweed decoration on top of my mushroom mashed potato (the flowers and cars).   I only gave lil prince two food cups of mashed potato and the remaining ones are for mummy's breakfast :P.
On the butterfly food cup, I packed some marshmallows chocolate cornflakes.  Added few pieces of strawberries and also some ring snacks. I got this 10 grains organic ring snacks from ZenXin Organic Park in JB.  They were selling for RM10 for four packets.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Colours Part II

Last week theme activity was teaching lil princess colours.  I am still in the process of teaching my lil princess colours, it does take some time since she is a bit slow in her speech.  Last week, we use some flashcards and colourful balls.  This time we switch to colourful cups.

Items Prepared :
6 colourful IKEA cups
Colourful ice-cream sticks

I bought the colourful ice-cream sticks from a stationary shop when lil prince was young.  I also used the same ice-cream sticks to teach him colours when he was at the age of 2+.  Now, it's lil princess turn.  But I notice that the colours had faded.  Probably I should use some water colour to paint it again ^__^.

So far, lil princess was able to tell a few colours.  She can recognize yellow, pink, orange and purple.  Most of the time, she will mix up green, red and blue.  I like the look on her face when she can't tell the colours, she will look at me for answers.  She look absolutely innocent!

After this we will be moving on with SHAPES :P.  I have yet to introduce her to ABCs :P.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Snax Box # 078 Simple Egg Roll

Made something simple today for lil prince snack box.  I fried an egg with mushrooms, rolled it and tied it with a string of seaweed in the middle.  Added four cheese flowers on top.  The side dishes are fruits that consists of some grapes, strawberries and also two tiny cherry tomatoes.

The yellow food cup housed some froot loops and also a tiny mushroom on top as his dessert ^__^.  It was also a bit rush to prepare this in the morning.  I still prefer to pack his snack box the night before but then on the other hand, some food are best prepared fresh especially when it comes to frying stuff.

 Hope everyone had a great week ahead!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Snax Box # 077 Carrots & Sausages

Last few days I was lazy and only pack some bread that I bought from Kings for lil prince snack box.  Yesterday, he came home with his snack box full (he only ate some of the fruits that I pack for him).  *sigh*...he must have been bored with the bread.  Anyway I can't blame him too as he has been eating bread for the past few days.

So, yesterday I asked him what he wants for his snack today.  He answered "Sausages".  I boiled four cocktail sausages and cut them to make it look like heart shape.  Added some heart shape cheese and crab meat on top.  The cheese were decorated with tiny sugar stars.  I showed it to him and reminded him that he must eat his snack box tomorrow.  Here's the conversation we had about this snack box yesterday (after I showed him his sausages):

Lil Prince : Where's my mayonnaise?
Mummy: Why do you need mayonnaise for your snack box?
Lil Prince : I want to eat mayonnaise.
Mummy : You want to dip your sausages with mayonnaise?
Lil Prince : No, I want to eat carrots with mayonnaise.  You put some carrots in my box-lah.

Without any second thought I cepat-cepat boiled some carrots and added to his snack box.  This was the first time he told me that he wants to eat carrots!  From my previous post, you would have noticed that I've been trying hard to get my kids to eat vegetables.  Today, I am absolutely happy that lil prince took the initiative to tell me himself that he wants to eat carrots!  No fruits today, everything packed as per lil prince request :P.

Hmmm....maybe next time I can add some GREENs, perhaps? need to rush, one step at a time :)

Have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Snax Box #076 Butterflies on Butterscotch Bread

I bought the Butterscotch bread for lil prince yesterday.  Although it was a lil pricey but I like the taste of bread.  I don't have to add any jam on the bread and just eat it as it is.  Something simple yet delicious.

Here's a my snack box BEFORE & AFTER photo.  I cut the bread into rectangular shape to fit in my snack box.  I added a few food butterfly food cups.  I took this photo coz I think it was rather plain and boring.
This photo was the AFTER "touched up" session.  I use some cheese (different colours) for my butterflies.  Added some seaweed as the expression and the top left corner was suppose to be a lil red ribbon (I use a crab meat).  The shape of the ribbon was not obvious,though.  I had left overs some water melons, cut them into butterfly shape and added my butterfly Konnyaku Jelly that I made over the weekend.

If you can see below the two tiny butterflies on your right are mix vegetables (consist of carrots, sweet corns and green peas).  I told my boy that he needs to eat his vegetables first before he can eat his jelly.  I wonder if he will follow my instruction when he opens his snack box ^__^.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Konnyaku Jelly

 A friend of mine introduced me to this brand of Konnyaku Jelly Powder.  She bought it from a sundry shop in Klang and she told me that this was one of the first few brands that offered in the market when Konnyaku Jelly was a hit.  So far, I haven't come across this brand.  Most of the time I got mine from either Jusco or Giant but they don't really turn out nice.

This brand (Happy Grass) offers a few flavours and my friend bought me the apple flavour.  I don't have to add any colours to my konnyaku jelly as the mixture is already green in colour.

The instruction was also slightly different as  I need to mix the powder and the water before boiling.  Unlike the others brand that I bought, we normally boil the water and add in the powder.  After boiling, I need to add the malic acid and still till it dissolve.  Here's a snap shot of the instruction at the back of the packet.

I also added a can of longans for my konnyaku jelly.  I didn't use the syrup as I thought it would be too sweet since the mixture had sugar added in it.  Here's the outcome of my Konnyaku Jelly.  A lil bit too greenish but it was GOOD!  Really " kenyal-kenyal" !

I am definately going to settle down with this brand.  Planning to buy other flavours and try them out again.  I absolutely love the taste!  As for my two lil ones at home, they have been asking to eat the konnyaku jelly after every meal ^_^.  The kids simply adores this dessert!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Snax Box # 075 I Love Fridays

TGIF!!  I love Fridays!  For working mums, we always look forward for the weekends to spend time with our lil ones at home.  Here's a snack box to show how much I LOVE Fridays ^__^.

I make a hard boiled egg for lil prince snack box today.  Added my heart shaped food cups to go with my theme of the day H-E-A-R-T.  The bread at the side were made of ham and whole meal bread. I rolled them up like a sushi.  I placed some heart shape seaweed on top and also a red sugar heart.

I also gave him some green peas (I am still on my GREENs project) topped with crab meat (red heart shape was made of crab meat).  As for the dessert, I put in some heart shape water melon, some biscuits and a mushroom marshmallows :P. 

I used my heart shape mold to make my egg.  First I boiled the egg for 10 minutes, peel off the shell, placed the egg in the mold and soaked in cold water for another 10 minutes.  This is to hold the egg to get the heart shaped.

After 10 minutes, I removed the mold and here's how my egg look like, I cut it into half and pack for lil prince snack box.  The other half of the egg?...............My lil prince ate it for supper ^__^
Enjoy your weekend !

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Painting Activity

Most of the time I was a bit reluctant to let lil prince do painting activity as I find it messy (coz mummy has to clean up).  But on the other hand, sometimes, I noticed that he actually enjoys paintings.  Further more it is also a bit difficult to handle two kids at a time for painting activity as the younger one will be disturbing her brother.

Last weekend, while lil princess was taking her afternoon nap, I took this opportunity to let lil prince do some paintings.

I only took out a few colours (red, green, yellow and blue).  I used my plastic container (from the food cups that I bought from Daiso) to put the water for him to clean his brush (instead of changing the water so often).

He painted three pictures on that day--> a car, a helicopter and a flower.  I know this is no big deal but this was only his second time painting with a brush and somehow mummy is proud of his achievement.  The whole painting session was neat too.  Not as messy as I thought it will be.  These three master piece are still handing in my dining hall as lil prince said it is his artwork!

Perhaps, I need to have more of this painting activities in future.  I guess it's time for mummy to admit that my lil prince is growing up.   

Monday, 1 October 2012

Teaching Lil Princess - Colours

Lil Princess Activity

Lately I've been trying to teach my lil princess COLOURS.   I loved to use flashcards when I teach my kids.  Personally I find them very useful and it also helps me a lot.  When lil prince was young, I started introducing flashcards to him when he was eating.  Lil Princess started slightly late.

I often browse through the internet to get the free printing of flashcards.  I would then print them out and laminate them for my kids.  If I don't laminate them, they get torn easily.
I bought these colourful balls from Daiso last month.  Sorry, I'm not sure what they are called but if I'm not mistaken, they are used for handicraft.  They come in different colours - red, blue, green, yellow and purple.

For this activity my intention was to have my lil princess to differentiate the colours that I've taught her.  I used five colourful bowls that I got from IKEA, placed all the small balls into a container and asked her to separate them.  To start off with this activity I need to teach her how it works and let her continue with the rest.  I got the idea from reading one of the blogs.  That's why I love to read blogs!  I find that reading blogs are so informative:) and most of the time I get lots of motivation by reading other mommies blogs too.

I find this activity very interesting and it is also a test to see whether my lil princess is able to tell the different colours.  Although lil princess is a bit slow in her speech, nonetheless, she is able to understand simple instructions and tries her best to follow mummy's pronounciation whenever I'm teaching her with my flashcards.

I am hoping to have more time to spend with my lil princess and giving her more practical life activities.   I felt that I have been concentrating too much on my lil prince and his homework lately and left our my lil princess :(.