Thursday, 18 October 2012

Colours Part II

Last week theme activity was teaching lil princess colours.  I am still in the process of teaching my lil princess colours, it does take some time since she is a bit slow in her speech.  Last week, we use some flashcards and colourful balls.  This time we switch to colourful cups.

Items Prepared :
6 colourful IKEA cups
Colourful ice-cream sticks

I bought the colourful ice-cream sticks from a stationary shop when lil prince was young.  I also used the same ice-cream sticks to teach him colours when he was at the age of 2+.  Now, it's lil princess turn.  But I notice that the colours had faded.  Probably I should use some water colour to paint it again ^__^.

So far, lil princess was able to tell a few colours.  She can recognize yellow, pink, orange and purple.  Most of the time, she will mix up green, red and blue.  I like the look on her face when she can't tell the colours, she will look at me for answers.  She look absolutely innocent!

After this we will be moving on with SHAPES :P.  I have yet to introduce her to ABCs :P.


  1. You are seriously very great mom. So patient in making bento everyday, so dedicated in teaching kids everything. Thumbs up for you.

  2. I agree with Yan! You're such a super mum!

  3. You can also show your princess those educational VCDs that teach colors and ABCs. My girls learned a lot from Barney, Hi-5, Sesame Street. iPad also has many fantastic apps to teach babies and toddlers, which my no3 picked up a lot too :)

  4. You are such a patient mom. Your kids will gain a lot from your time with them :)

  5. well done mommy. that's a great idea to teach the child colours :)

  6. Colourful.. and interesting activity for the kiddo!