Monday, 30 April 2012

Weekend @ Home

 Hope everyone had a good weekend.  I felt that my weekend too short, as I was working on Saturday.  Basically, there's only 1 1/2 days off from work.  Sometimes I do wish our weekend is longer and not Saturday and Sunday :P...

 I cooked pasta on Saturday for the kids as I still had one can of the Prego Alfredo Mushroom sauce.  I bought the Safari Kids Pasta from Cosway the other day.   This was an organic pasta with zoo animals. 

I can see some of the animals shapes clearly but some, after cooking, just looked like normal pasta ^__^.  I didn't have much ingredient at home, just used some ham and minced meat.

 I also bought some fish fillet from the market in the morning and fried them.  The fish seller told me it was called 'sang yu', not sure what it is called in English, though (sorry).  After marinating the fish with light soya sauce, pepper, sesame oil and corn starch, I fried it.  The fish really taste good!  At least both my kids love it.  I should buy more the next time.

 Here's my animals pasta with fried fish.  Both the kids love it to max.  Finished the whole bowl!  Mummy is so satisfied!!  All my sweat in the kitchen paid off.

On Sunday, we spend half of the day at home but we went swimming in the morning.  I took both my  lil prince and lil princess to the pool.  As I was taking two kids to the pool, no more hands to bring a long my camera *sigh*!!  It was quite challenging to get the kids out of the pool!  I am looking forward for a day off tomorrow.  Happy Labour Day!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Snax Box # 049 Snack Box with Konnyaku Jelly

 After my first attempt to make the Konnyaku Jelly, I thought it would be nice to add it in his snack box.  Yesterday, I steamed some 'mantou' and give him the heart-shaped jelly.

 Today, I packed the fish shaped jelly for him and made some cheese sandwich.  Since, it was the last day of the week, I thought I just made him something simple.  Lazy mummy ......hehehehe...
Have a nice weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Konnyaku Jelly

 I bought a packet of Konnyaku Jelly few weeks ago from Giant and almost forgotten about it till yesterday while I was cleaning my kitchen cabinet.  I didn't have any mix fruits except for some strawberries and a can of Nata de Coco.  Mixed both of the fruits in my konnyaku jelly.  Actually, this is my first time making Konnyaku jelly.  I've never tried making it before.

I used my heart-shaped mould, fish mould and I called the other mould my mixture mould as it has a mix of ball, teddy bear, butterfly and etc.

Here's the outcome of my Konnyakku jelly creation.

I think the next round, I'll buy some mix fruit so that my konnyaku jelly will have some variety of colours :).  This time it looks a bit plain.

I also tried making my 'fish jelly', with the eyes.  From the photo, one of the fish eye came off ^__^ while I was pouring the jelly mixture.

Luckily, these two fishes are okay.  Hope to improve the next round!

Snax Box # 048 Smiley Sausages Rolls

Yesterday was a happy day for me.  First of all, my lil prince came back with an EMPTY food box which means he ATE all his food.  He finished all the sushi bread that I made for him.  At least it's really worth my time and effort spend in preparing the food box.

Secondly, he got all his spelling for his chinese (ting xie) correct!  Being a banana mum, I am very pleased with his progress in chinese as it was very difficult for me to coach him in this subject.  Right now, I'm also learning chinese with my lil prince.  Although he didn't write well in some of the chinese characters, he still managed to get the strokes right.  We can't  push him too hard coz he's a year end baby.  I am already very satisfied with this results :P.  His teacher gave him a few stickers as a reward for getting all correct.

Today, I made him some sausage rolls with smiley faces.  The smiley faces are made out of seaweed.  The other side dishes are cherry tomatoes, strawberries and grapes.  I also gave him some koko crunch and some Multigrains Cheerios.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Snax Box # 047 Sushi Bread

I was pretty busy with some house work and also office work and I didn't have time to think of what to pack for my lil prince.  Yesterday, I was pretty down as my lil prince came back with the same food I pack for him in the morning (I just pack two pieces of cake for him and some biscuits).  I was sad to see that he didn't touch any of his food.  I wonder if he ate anything in school.  It has always been a headache for me to prepare his food.  Being a mum, we need to be very creative.  Of course I also have to thank my lil prince for making mummy putting on her thinking cap every day and to come up with new things to pack for him to bring to school.  If you have a picky eater at home, you will understand how difficult it is for me to get my lil prince to eat.

Luckily both my kids slept early and I had the time to prepare something different for him today.  I made sushi bread or bread sushi (not sure how to call it).  I only had some crab stick and sausages in the fridge and I use the whole meal bread as the base.  Instead of packing the normal cherry tomatoes, I made him some lady bugs.

I hope to see an empty food box today when he comes back from school!.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Snax Box # 046 Car-shaped Egg

It's Friday again!!!  Time really flies when we are super busy.  I didn't have time to make nice food box on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Yesterday, lil prince had festival celebration at school, so I made him some 'festive' foods.

I tried to include some 'greens' in my snack box today.  I cut some cucumber and told lil prince that he can dip them into the mayonnaise sauce that I prepared for him.  I hope he will eat them.

I also made him a car-shaped egg and used the car shaped food cup to put the biscuits.  I was trying to have a so called 'theme' for my food box ^__^.  Added some cherry tomatoes and three marshmallows.

Have a nice weekend!!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Snax Box # 045 Angry Birds Snax Box

 It's Monday again....
Hope everyone had a good weekend.  Guess what I did during the weekend??.....My angry bird snax box project!  While the kids were taking their afternoon nap, I make use of this opportunity to do my project!

I remembered making my very first angry bird snack box last year.  My first attempt in making the angry bird but it didn't turn out well.  Something was not right with the mouth :).  See below pix.

I always wanted to try my skills again in making the birds, but it was too time consuming to assemble all the tiny gritty details on the bird.  I finally had the courage yesterday to try my second attempt in making the birds.  This time I used a different colour of cheese and make the mouth differently.  I guess this looks more like angry bird.  The red ones are made out of crab stick.

Here's my master piece!!  All assemble into one box.  I hope the eyes and the mouth still stays in one piece when my lil prince opens it in school.

When I showed it to my lil prince, he asked me "Mummy, next time you make the green and the black one, ok?".....pengsan!

This one was done last year.  My first attempt in making the angry birds.  Which one do you think is better? Any improvements?

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Snax Box #044 Flower Shaped Sweet Potato

 I bought some sweet potato last week from the market and totally forgotten about it until yesterday.  I was lucky as both lil prince and princess slept early and I have some of what we always called "ME" time to do some housework and usually I will use this 'precious' time to prepare my lil prince snack box.  I steamed the sweet potato, cut them into flower shaped (see photo) and use the 'hole cutters' (not sure what it's called) and make a tiny hole in the middle.

My lil prince wanted to bring mayonnaise to school today, so I boiled some baby carrots for him and added a cup of sweet corn.

The other side dishes are flower shaped watermelon, strawberries, grapes and not forgetting his reward for the day which was some tiny so called 'M&Ms' chocolates.  After assembling all the items into his snack box, I realized that this should be called a vegetarian snack box ^__^!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Snax Box # 043 Steamed Mantou

How was your weekend?  Hope all of you had a good rest during the weekend.  We went to my dad's place to 'camp' overnight.  My lil prince like to use the word 'camp' coz all of us will be sleeping in one room.  It's like camping to him :).  Hopefully, one day, I can show him the real meaning of camping.

I steamed two mantou for lil prince snack box today.  I bought a packet of mantou from the market last week and forgotten about it until yesterday.  The mantau came in three different colours ie. green, brown and yellow.  Too bad, my box can only fit two mantou, so I gave him the green and brown mantou.  Lil prince also ate mantou for his breakfast this morning.  *sigh*...his menu for today is only 'mantou'....but he loves it!  Probably he was attracted to the colours.  Next time, I shall buy more from the supermarket.  If I'm not mistaken, I remember seeing some mantou comes in different kinds of flavours.

The side dishes for his snack box are grapes, cherry tomatoes, biscuits and some coco pops!

Have a great week ahead!!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Snax Box #042 Happy Easter

Lil prince came back yesterday with this piece of craft in his bag.  I think it's cute.  The kids colour on the easter eggs and paste some flowers in the middle.  This reminds me that this Sunday is Easter.  I thought at least I should give lil prince an egg to bring to school today.  I made him a bunny shaped egg with eyes and mouth (used seaweed) and the little bunnies beside the egg are made of cheese and beneath it were two pieces of cake.  I also had my watermelon cut into bunny shaped since the theme is Easter :P.

Too bad, no bunny biscuits.  I only have these animals biscuits at home.  There were shapes of animals printed on these biscuits, not sure if you can see them clearly.  It's a bit blur.  They are elephant and dolphin.

Hope he likes my lil bunnies!

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Snax Box # 041 Broccoli and Carrots

My lil prince asked me to pack mayonnaise for his snack box today.  I still have some left over carrots and broccoli in the fridge, I boiled them and told him that he can dipped them in his mayonnaise sauce.  He seems to enjoy eating mayonnaise lately.  Hmmm...I hope this will make him eat his greens today (ie. the broccoli).

I also had the other half of the egg tart left over on Monday, I added it in his snack box.  I made him some 'stars' watermelon and added some A, B, C's biscuits in the food cup.  Lastly, the treat of the day will be the two tiny marshmallow in green and blue ^__^.

Snax Box # 040 All About Tarts

It is all about tarts today.  I was busy with lil princess lately and didn’t have time to think of what to pack for lil prince snack box.  Hence, I bought some fruit tarts yesterday from TK Confectionary(Thong Kei).  I like their fruit tarts, not so sweet and very delicious.  I gave lil prince a pineapple tart that we bought from our Melaka Trip.  The other side dishes are cherry tomatoes, grapes and strawberries.  Besides that I also gave him some so-called crab crackers (not sure if you can see the crab shaped crackers), they are a bit small :P

I also bought the Napoleon Cake from TK Confectionary and cut a small piece for him.  I heard about this Napoleon Cake from watching the Hong Kong movies and I always wonder, what type of cake it was.  When I saw that TK Confectionary was selling it, I bought it see how it taste like.  After checking the internet, napoleon cake is a rectangular piece of pastry made with crisp, flaky layers filled with custard cream.  Although first time trying, I do like this cake.  Something different from our normal sponge cake.

Here’s my Tuesday snack box for lil prince.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Snax Box # 039 Egg Tart

How was your weekend?  Hope all you had a good weekend.  As usual, Monday blues again.... Sometimes, don't we wish our weekend is longer instead of just two days?  I wasn't feeling well yesterday, hence I bought some egg tarts from TK cake shop and packed it for lil prince snack box today.

I boiled the carrots and gave him some mayonnaise sauce to dip.  I was afraid that he might be bored with eating the carrots alone. This was the first time I used my little sauce container.  I still have some bento tools which are not open yet.   Hopefully he will be more mature in the coming months for me to try out my bento tools especially the food picks ^__^.

His snack box today comes with some grapes, strawberries and also some cherry tomatoes. Oh yes, almost forgotten the three bears biscuits besides the food divider.

Have a nice week ahead!