Sunday, 10 March 2013

Snax Box # 089 Veggies N Fruits

The theme for Monday was Veggies N Fruits ^__^.  As soon as the kids were taking their afternoon nap, I prepared their snack box for Monday.  I boiled most of the veggies.  I gave lil prince broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, corn and some cherry tomatoes.

For the fruits food cup, I packed some mini green grapes and strawberries.  Lil prince loves to eat mayonnaise.  In order for him to eat his veggies, I gave him some mayonnaise sauce for him to dip.  I told him it's like eating his fries with tomato sauce :)

I love this snack box as it's so colourful....I have green, white, orange, red and yellow!
Hopefully no Monday blues for him :P


  1. Very healthy! Your kids are so lucky to have you as mother! ;)

  2. Oh, you prepare their snack box earlier? You are such a doting mother.

    1. Yvonne,
      Yup, I normally prepare the snax box the night before coz morning is very rush for me :)

  3. So colourful, beautiful and healthy! :)

  4. is good to train them with veggies from small.