Thursday, 29 March 2012

Yummy food @ Melaka Trip - Part II

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These are the yummy food we had on our second day in Melaka.
For lunch on the second day, we visited the same restaurant again for chicken ball rice.  We are really a great fan of the chicken ball rice.  After all, that’s our favourite food in Melaka.  After lunch, we went back to our hotel for a short nap before going out for tea again.

Nadeje Cake Shop
We went to Nadeje for tea as I loved to eat mille crepe.  We ordered a tiramisu and a banana chocolate mille crepe and a Melaka crush ice-blended (it has a great taste of gula Melaka!).  I absolutely adored this mille crepe.  It was made out of layers of crepe with creams in between.  Really nice textures just that the price was a bit on the high end :P.   Since we had collected 10 stamps on our ‘priviledge card’, we redeem our FOC mille crepe as I’m not sure when we will visit the shop again.  We ordered the rum and raisin crepe for takeaway.

Restoran Nyonya Amy
For dinner, we visited  Aunty Amy’s Heritage Nyonya Cuisine at Melaka Raya for their famous nyonya food.  We ordered the ayam ponteh, fried omelette with cincaluk, fried toufu and a piece of otak-otak.  It was a pity as we were not able to ordered the spicy food as we had two kids around, we had to take all non-spicy food.  Hubby said nyonya food without any spicy-ness doesn’t  taste like nyonya food at all ^__^ .  Nevertheless, I loved the ayam ponteh and the fried omelette with cincaluk.   We also got a chance to meet Aunty Amy too.  She is a very nice and friendly lady.  Next time when we return, we will definately try all the spicy food!!


  1. I haven't tried mille crepe before. I bet it tastes like heaven.

  2. Frankly I have never tried the nyonya food everytime we when to Melaka mainly because I can't take spicy food but now seems like there are many choises of non-spicy dishes too.

  3. Heard so much of Nadeje Cake Shop, bet I must give a try when I am at Melaka.

  4. U put me to shame :) I go back Malacca once a month but the Nadeje MilleCreppe I've tried was the one by my cousin who tapaoed it back for us! I don't go out jalan jalan when I'm in Malacca :D

  5. @Sheoh Yan,
    Yes, as a big fan of mille crepe. It really taste like heaven...soft and creamy.

    @Kit Boy Mummy,
    X worry, there are a lot of varieties for non-spicy food too. Worth trying!

    @Mummy Ling,
    Yes, must visit and try the mille crepe. Really good! Go there during ur trip in May!

    Normally, when we go back to our hometown, we just want to be at home only. Afterall, we x go back often. Next time you can bring Ethan there!