Monday, 26 March 2012

Melaka River Cruise

Whenever we are in Melaka, we will definitely go for the river cruise.  We never fail to go on the river cruise.  Each time we go Melaka, this is a MUST have on our itinerary.  We loved to sit back and relax on the boat and observed the surroundings historical landmarks, modern buildings, bridges and etc.  The journey for the cruise takes approximately 45 minutes.  The ticket price per adult was RM10 and for child was RM 5.  We were lucky to have a 20% discount voucher from Matta Fair.  This makes our total ticket price to RM20 (instead of RM 25) for three pax as lil princess was FOC.  Tip of the day, go to Matta Fair before you plan your holiday destination.  It will help you save some $$$ ^__^.  For this Melaka trip, we were very lucky as Matta Fair was held one week before.  We got most of our offers and discounts from there.

We took the river cruise in the evening around 5.30pm as it was not too hot.  The weather was just nice and it was very windy too.   Along the river cruise, we see some old and new buildings, some buildings had mural painted on it.  We also saw the monorail having a test run ( I guess).  Both my lil ones were so amazed of the water splashing on them off and on.  

Here are some photos taken during our river cruise.
The next trip, we shall try the night cruise!


  1. we went for the day time cruise too and enjoyed the murals along the way. now we wanna try the night cruise for the lights :)

  2. It has been years that I last visited Melacca. I really wish one day I can visit Melacca again. I didn't know there is cruise in Melacca. So cool.

  3. @Merryn,
    Me too plan to try the night cruise the next time we go Melaka!

    @Sheoh Yan,
    Oh, you should plan a holiday to Melaka. Lots of things to do and eat.