Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Yummy food @ Melaka Trip - Part I

We had lots of good food during our short trip to Melaka.  Here are some of the highlights of our yummmmmy food :P

Day 1

      Chicken Rice Ball
Every time when we go to Melaka, we will not fail to visit this Chicken Rice Ball shop at Kedai Kopi Chung Wah.   This is a MUST have when you go to Melaka.   This is always our FIRST pit stop in Melaka.  We arrived early before 12pm to avoid the heavy crowd.  Ordered 25 chicken rice ball (it comes with five balls per plate) and a medium chicken serving.  We just loved the fragrance of the rice.  Even my lil princess with no teeth only eat the chicken rice balls alone.  She loved it! This shop is located at Jalan Hang Jebat.

Nyonya Dumpling and Cendol
After our lunch, we walk down the road to savor the best nyonya chang.  We went to the East and West Rendezvous shop which was also located along Lorong Hang Jebat.  We ordered two nyonya chang and cendols.  The nyonya ‘chang’ was priced at RM4.00 each and the cendol cost RM 2.50 per bowl.  I loved the taste of the nyonya  ‘chang’!!  This is something which we don’t find in KL.  The nyonya ‘chang’ was filled with diced pork, dried shrimps, mushroom and etc.  It was very fragrance.  Loved the blue-coloured rice (which is a type of flower, I’m not sure what flower it is ^__^).  The cendol was good as it has a very strong taste of gula Melaka.  Before we left Melaka, we even ‘tapau’ eight nyonya chang back to KL!  

 The aunty told me that we can keep it for two weeks in the fridge.  Besides the nyonya ‘chang’ we also bought back the pineapple tarts for lil prince teachers at school.

Fried Oyster
Our next stop was to try the fried oyster at the end of Lorong Hang Jebat.  This shop only opens from 4pm onwards (if I'm not mistaken).  We were the first customer on that day.  We ordered a medium portion.  I find that oyster a bit plain though, probably we forgot to add the pepper and sauce that was placed at our table.  Hubby told me that the fried oyster at Melaka Raya is better.  Nevertheless, it was worth trying.

Satay Celup
One thing that you will not miss when you go Melaka is to try the satay celup.  We decided to try the satay celup at Restaurant Capitol.  This shop only opens at 5.00pm onwards.  Mind you, before 5pm, you can see the queue of people.  Customers already started to queue at 4.30pm and we were one of them too..hehehe.  There were lots of varieties to choose (ie. fish balls, chicken, crab meat and a whole long list).  All ingredients were placed in a fridge rack, I guess it is to preserved the freshness of the food.  Each stick is priced at RM 0.80.  They also gave us a cup of water for us to wash away the sauce in case it is too spicy for the kids. 

"Burger Maut"
Before the day end, we tried the burget ‘maut’ at Semabok.  We read about it from internet that it was good.  The burger stall was opposite Semabok Inn.  We ordered the Burger Convert (it comes in a hotdog bun with two burger meat cut into small pieces).  Looked at the way he fried the burger in high flames!  This stall opens from 8.30pm onwards till 12 midnight.  Overall, the burger tasted really good!  I guess it must be due to the hot flames ^__^.  Loved the juicy burger meat…yummy!!


  1. Oh my, so tempting. I love the nyonya dumplings, the chicken rice balls, the satay celup and so on.

  2. Sheoh Yan,
    Me too love the nyonya dumplings. Go, go, plan a holiday to Melaka :). Lots of food to eat there!!

  3. oh Kitty, what a yummylicous trip.

    To me, going to Melaka, is always a 'makan' trip. Same goes to Ipoh, definitely will be another 'makan' destination if we happen to go there again.

  4. Kit Boy Mummy,
    Yes, yes. I agreed with you. Melaka and Ipoh Trips are always for makan, makan and makan :P. Lots and lots of nice food.