Sunday, 12 February 2012

Snax Box # 026 - Monday Rabbit Bento

It's Monday again *sigh*...I guess everyone hates Monday.  I always struggle on Monday morning because lil prince will always 'lau kai', not wanting to go to school again after the weekends (two days) off from school. 

We had a good time during the weekend.  Time flies when  you are always having fun, don't they.  We attended the Mickey's Safety Club Showcase on Saturday and went to my dad's place for the night.  The kids loved to stay overnight at my dad's place coz they get to play and play and play!  That's what kids likes to do :P.  On Sunday, we followed my dad to the SJK(C) Imbi for The Federation of Malaysia Chinese Guilds Associatioin CNY Celebration.  The highlights of the event was the lion dance show!

Here's the bento snack box that I packed for lil prince on Monday.  Cheese rabbit and at the bottom was sushi ham and bread.  Added his favourite marshmallows and the fruits menu was grapes and strawberries. 
Have a Happy Monday!

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