Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!
It’s Valentine’s Day today.  I’ve actually wanted to make something for lil prince teachers in the school but due to time constraint, I just managed to pack some heart chocolate for them.  I bought a few packets of heart chocolates from Giant and put them in a small heart-shaped bag.  I asked lil prince to write the word “Happy Valentine’s Day” (at least he did contribute to the valentine’s day project J) .  
 Lil prince was very happy and jolly this morning as he knows he has a small gift for his teachers.  Somehow I realised that he loves to give things to his teachers, just that he won’t say anything to his teachers, he will give and run away immediately ^__^.

I almost forgot to gave his music teacher a valentine's gift until hubby reminded me.  I quickly bought two Cadbury chocolates, wrapped them up with a nice ribbon and added a special note.

I make this valentine’s day bento for him today.  Heart shaped cheese sandwich and also heart-shaped strawberries :P.  I also packed some heart-shaped biscuits for him.  Everything is about LOVE today!
I Love you lil prince!  Hope you enjoy the valentine’s day bento snack.


  1. Wow..Valentine's day also got pressie for teachers. How thoughtful you are.

  2. I think the teachers also deserve a lil gift coz they really work hard to teach our kids. Not easy to handle all these lil monkeys in one class!

  3. Mommy did the bento set with LOVE too:-)

  4. Thanks, Joanne.
    Yes, love is in the air!