Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Power of "Interactive" Play Parenting Workshop

Last Friday, I received a call from Parenthood Magazine informing me that I've won a pair of tickets to the Power of "Interactive" Play Parenting Workshop which I was looking forward to attend.  I remember I was just trying my luck to submit the contest form when I was reading the Parenthood Magazine (May Issue).  It was really a pleasant surprise as I thought I didn’t win.   

Although it was a bit rush, we managed to make some arrangements so that I can attend the talk.  On the same day, we had Parents Teachers Day meeting at lil prince kindy too.  We reached the Empire Hotel at 9.45am, just on time before the workshop starts.   We were seated in a table of 10 pax.

The were some booth around giving information regarding their products such as Fisher Price, Nestle, Jordan and Baby Love.

The speaker was Carrie Lupoli, an Educational Consultant.  The workshop started at 10.15am.  It was an interesting workshop as there were some activities in between of the talks.  There was also a break for refreshments at around 12.00pm.  Ms. Carrie shared with us why play is important for a child and the types of toys that is suitable according to the child’s development. 
She also embedded an activity that requires us to find the answers for 10 things every child needs.  Each tables had different number of answers and we were asked to go around to get the answers from the other tables.  It also give us a chance to mingle with other members in the workshop too.

10 Things Every Child Needs
1.  Encourage Interaction
2.  Offer physical affection
3.  Provide a stable relationship
4.  Maintain a safe, healthy home
5.  Develop strong self esteem
6.  Choose quality childcare
7.  Engage in conversation
8.  Promote play
9.  Make music
10. Make reading a priority

Refreshments were served at around 12.00pm and we continued the workshop till 2.00pm ++.
It was indeed a wonderful event as I get to learn why play is important for a child development and how a child learn thorough play. 

I like this phrase she included in her handouts by Fred Rogers.
“ Play is not trivial.  When children play, they’re doing important work”
Fred Roges – Emmy award winning creator and host of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

I often think that playing is a waste of time until I attended this talk.  When a child plays, he / she also learns through play.  I guess from today onwards, my kids will be very happy to have more and more playtime with mummy!!

We were also given a goodie bag for the workshop that consist of some toys, nestle cerelac, jordan tooth brush and etc.  There were also some free diapers for lil princess from Baby Love.

Thank you Parenthood and Fisher Price for this wonderful event!


  1. Play is important. Time should be allocated for kids to read, play toys and watch TV.

  2. It was a fun workshop. nice meeting you

  3. Yan,
    Yes, agreed with you totally. Normally, Sat and Sun are leisure time for my kids :). They get to play and watch cartoons.

    Ya ya. I was so happy to meet you at the workshop.