Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Snax Box # 056 Fruits & Vegetables

Today is fruits and vegetables day.  I steamed some baby carrots and corns for lil prince snack box.  Lately, he seems to have fallen in love with these baby carrots.  He kept asking me to buy more for him.  I know he also like the mayonnaise sauce that we bought from Jusco.  Each time I pack baby carrots for him, I need to include mayonnaise.  Sometimes I do wonder if he likes to eat the carrots more or he likes the mayonnaise sauce.

I also added some cherry tomatoes and few pieces of 'greens' in the other food cup and two pieces of grapes.  Not forgetting his ABC's biscuits and some dried cranberries.

This is the mayonnaise sauce that I often use for my snack box and also for making salad.  Kewpie brand from Jusco.

Healthy snack box for lil prince!


  1. I also bought the same type of Kewpie mild type mayonese. I use that when making egg mayo.

  2. where u get the alphabet biscuit?

    1. Kathy,
      I bought them from the market near my house. Sometimes I buy them from pasar malam too.

  3. I like Kewpie mayonnaise too. I think eating baby carrots with the mayo is very delicious :)

  4. I like this Japanese mayo too. After tasting this, I never bought any other brand hehe. I've never tried dipping carrots in it... should let Chloe try it one day.