Sunday, 3 June 2012

Fish Porridge with Carrot Stars

School holidays has started.  How was your holidays?  I love school holidays as I don't need to rush in the morning to send my lil prince to school and also I get two weeks off from packing his snack box.  Time for mummy to rest my mind ^__^.

Since I don't need to fetch him to school, I had time to go to market to buy my favourite fish!  Last weekend, I cooked the 'sang yu' porridge with carrots.

When I was  young, my parents always tell me that eating fish is good.  It will help you in your maths.  I wonder if this is a myth or is it a fact?  Anyway, I love to eat this 'sang yu' coz it's boneless!  I don't have to worry about picking the bones out for my lil ones.  Once the porridge is almost done, just pour in the fish and let it cooked for another 5 -  8 mins.

I also added some carrots in the porridge and once it's scoop up in a bowl, I topped up with some decorations.  Here's my fish porridge with lil stars! 

One bowl for lil prince.

This one is for lil princess.


  1. Nutricious and yummy. I never thought of making sang yu porridge. Yes..I agree with your mum. :)

    1. Oh, Mummy Gwen. You mean it's true? Then I shall let my kids eat more fish!

  2. Oh my, my tummy is rumbling looking at your sang yu porridge. Looks very sweet and tasty!!