Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Father's Day

*Delayed Post*
I've read so many blog about Father's Day celebration.  Really enjoyed reading all the activities that you planned for your fathers and hubby.  I made my so called jelly cake for Father's Day for hubby.  This is my second attempt trying to make my jelly cake. I wanted to try using the coconut milk as they taste nicer.

Here is the outcome of my teddy bear jelly cake.  Slight 'accident' at the right side of the paw ^__^.  I wanted to make layered jelly with different colours but it was too time consuming.  Hence I was only able to make three layers.  But the ones with all the smiling faces was not daddy himself but my two lil ones!  Lil prince was so excited when he saw the teddy bear and asked me 'who's birthday is it'.

We had dinner at Tai Thong restaurant with my in laws and ordered some nice dishes.  Luckily we had RM100 discount voucher.  We ordered toufu, steamed fish, mix vegetables with scallops and fried meat.  Overall it was a nice but rather expensive chinese dinner. I guess any meal with fish will be expensive :P

Here's what lil prince made for his papa from school.  A simple Father's Day card :)


  1. This jelly teddy bear cake is so lovely and cute. Why didn't you share the step by step? I really like to know.

  2. oh i like your jelly cake. you are so good. i bet your hubby must be very happy ...heheheh

  3. I very the malas...when require tedious & waiting process...LOL

    Nice jelly cake

  4. Such a lovely teddy bear jelly cake. You are very pandai.

  5. Yan,
    My first attempt, dunno can jadi or not, so didn't snap photo for step by step. Will try again next time ya.


    Mummy to Chumsy,
    My kids are more happy than my hubby.

    Mummy Ling,
    You are very hardworking, cooking everyday for your kids!

    Mummy Gwen,
    Thank you for your compliment. I need more practice!

  6. WOW, very nice jelly cake! You can sell jelly cakes now!

    1. Still need a lot of practice!!...I'm just a beginner :)

  7. The jelly cake is beautiful! You are really good in creating great-looking food for your family :)

    1. Thank you for your compliment..I'm still learning how to make jelly cake :)

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