Friday, 16 December 2011

Party Box For Teacher's Day

Back-dated post.....

I made these for lil prince Teacher's Day party this year.  I didn't know what food to buy for teacher's day and thought most parents will be buying cakes, fried mee hoon and etc.  I thought of preparing something simple and of course easy for lazy ppl like me :P.  I didn't have time to do all the frying stuff.  I had to prepare this the night before and since they are made out of cheese, I can easily store them in the fridge and bring it out the next day.

I only use a plain box to store the food.  Added some food divider (see the colourful green, yellow and pink grass) to make them look attractive.  
I prepare some stars, flowers and heart-shaped cheese bread.  Added some love sprinkle and star sprinkles on my bread to make them look more colourful.

I think this is a healthy and simple snack for kids party ^__^


  1. I am sure kids sapu clean2 all the food.

  2. Thanks Joanne. I hope they did sapu clean clean :P