Thursday, 8 December 2011

Heart Shaped Egg

I bought a heart shaped ring from Daiso long time back and didn't have the chance to use it.  One weekend, when the kids were taking their naps, I took the opportunity to use it and cooked my lovely egg.  Looked at how cute these eggs turn out to be :),

The half yellow and half white egg was done accidentally when I broke the egg and it so happen that the egg yolk just went to the left side.  So I use a spoon and make it even and draw a line in between them.  It looks adorable....hehehehe....


  1. This is so lovely. Perfectly for your love one during valentine's day:-)

    "Cho yao cho giok" (Cantonese). The egg yolk and egg white was a nice "mistake" done, hehe.

  2. Thanks, Joanne. Yes, yes, the 'mistake' turn out so nice :P....hehehehehe...I hope I'll remember to make it next year again for Valentine's Day.