Thursday, 15 December 2011

Snax Box #020 - Bear Cheese Bread

These are two types of bear shaped cheese bread that I've made for my lil prince.  I bought the bread / cookies cutter from Daiso and 100 Yen.  These two are my favourite shop for bento tools as they are quite affordable.  I added some strawberries and biscuits in the food cup.  The bear with eyes were decorated with seaweed and the nose was some red love shaped sprinkles that I use for baking my cupcakes.


  1. I bet Sarah will finish this food if I make her this!
    But I am getting lazy and lazier in preparing nice bento for her. :-(

  2. Thanks, Joanne. No worries, once you start packing bento, you will get addicted to it! Juz like me!

  3. Thanks for your encouragement.