Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Lil Princess Milk and Freebies

Lil princess only started drinking Enfagrow A+ milk daily when she reaches 1 year old.  Before that she was on mummy's milk :).  I am glad that I was able to breastfeed her for one year.  It was all about determination!!  When I see how she grows, it was really worth all the hard work and sweat!

Normally, we don't change our milk powders for our kids, once they are hooked on the brand, we will stick to the same brand until our kids get bored with it.  After my nightmare experience with lil prince, I dare not change milk powder anymore. I like to purchase milk from Mead Johnson as they always comes out with nice goodies / toys for kids.  I find their toys very educational too.

Recently they came out with this Smart Role-Play sets.  There were six sets in the whole series.  We managed to collect four sets so far :P.  I bought the Grocery Store, School, Laboratory and the Sushi Restaurant.  Lil prince loved to play the Grocery Store the most!  I find this role playing activity very interesting for lil prince.  I get to be the customer and he is the owner of the grocery store.

I plan to get the Auto Workshop set the next round.  Most of the time, Mead Johnson freebies are for kids but I also managed to get something for myself when I purchase the 1.7kg milk during the Mom & Baby Expo in May.  The were having a promotion whereby they were giving away a set of LO'ccitane toiletries (shower cream, shower gel and conditioner).  This was the best gift for mummy!  I love this product so much but it was too expensive to buy, hence I was really happy to get this gift FOC :).


  1. Wah, FOC? Very lucky you! ;)

  2. Yeah I like their freebies too. Have collected so many freebies from them even the ones before this. But I didn't know about that LO'ccitane giveaway! Aiya missed the expo already. :(

  3. A set of LO'ccitane toiletries as the giveaway, so attractive.

  4. Hayley,
    Yup, FOC.

    Yeah, I love them!

    Me too love to collect the freebies. Don't worry, I'm sure there will be other parenthood expo coming up.

    Yup, very attractive indeed. I should buy two tins!