Sunday, 12 August 2012

Snax Box # 065 Fish Kuih Bahulu

This was last week snack box.  Was supposed to update it last week after my pudding post but something came up and we need to travel for few days.  Hence, there was a delay.  Sorry for not visiting your blogs these few days. 

I bought this kuih bahulu from Viva Home the other day.  I like this fish shaped kuih bahulu as it's cute!  I think it goes well with my so called 'Nemo' :P.  As I've made some corn pudding last week, I use it as a dessert for lil prince.  The other food cup in this snack box are packed with fruits such as strawberries, grapes and some blue berries (my favourite!).

Another week to go before we break for Raya.  Really looking forward for school holidays!


  1. My girls love kuih bahulu too, but I couldn't find this Nemo kuih bahulu.

  2. I love kuih bahulu! Usually eat it with milo, hehe..

  3. The kuih bahulu shaped like a cute.

  4. oh i like the kuih bahulu. i found some at the market in my neighbourhood too :)

  5. Yan,
    When u come to KL, I buy for you!

    Hmmm...good idea. I'm sure it goes well with Milo.

    Kathy & Carolyn,
    I got the nemo from market. Can get it from those stalls selling ingredients for steamboat. They are similar to those bear shaped fish cake when we use for steamboat.

    Mummy Gwen,
    Yup. I love it!

    Yaya...the nemo is sooo adorable.

    Mommy to Chumsy,
    Yup, me too. Kuih bahulu reminds me of my younger days :)