Thursday, 12 July 2012

Snax Box # 059 Nemo & Friends

The first time I saw this fish (the fish with orange and white stripes), it reminds me of the cartoon Finding Nemo.  I am not a fan of cartoons but I must admit that I do enjoy watching this cartoon movie.  The fish was so cute.  Cute things really can't get away from my eyes.  That is why I name today's snack box as Nemo & Friends as today's theme is Fish!  Everything inside the box is fish shaped except the cherries :).

I also made lil prince a 'fish' egg and added some fish biscuits.  The fish next to 'nemo' is also another type of fish cake which we used for steamboat.  This is an easy to make snack box whereby I just need to boil everything.  You will be seeing a lot of 'nemos' in my snack box as I just bought a packet of 'nemo' fish ^__^.


Have a nice weekend!


  1. oh is Nemo a bread or cookie? Sure looks cute!

  2. Yes, I am almost to ask the same question as Barb. So cute.

  3. Barb & Yan,
    They are fish cake. Just like those we use for steamboat. Same as the lil stars and bear shaped fish cake.

    Mummy Ling,
    Yes, I also adores it!!