Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Snax Box # 084 - Elephant and Marie D Cat

I have been really busy ever since the school started this year.  I am already looking forward for the next school holiday, can you imagine that?  I think the upcoming holidays will be the CNY break, which is just a month away.  Every morning was a rush and this year since both my kids are going to school in the morning, I need to wake up early to get them ready.  Didn't really have time to make nice food box for the kids.  At night when I've put the kids to sleep, I can hardly keep my eyes open.  Gosh!  I must be aging, guess its time for me to look for some supplements to keep up with the energy.  Didn't have time to visit other mummy blogs too.  Must catch up again with you guys this weekend!

This year, I need to prepare two snack boxes, one for lil prince and the other for lil princess.  I gave lil princess a smaller food box as I'm not sure how much she will eat in school.  For the first day, here's what I had prepared for her.
I gave her bread with cheese and some fruits (oranges and strawberries)
For lil prince I made an elephant bread with cheese, a car full of biscuits and some crab meat.  I had a strawberry food cup to house my lovely red strawberry.  It just fit perfectly.  Gee...I love this food cup the most among all my other food cups.
Here are the two snack box for my two angels. Both of them came back with an empty box!


  1. I am busy too ever since their school reopened, but you are more hardworking than me.

  2. very cute la. You very good at finding these cute cutter

  3. I'll finish all and ask for more, if I were your kid, hah!

    They look so tempting and yummy!

  4. Cute! Where did you find all these cute cutters? Daiso? It really can do the trick right? That day I cut the bread into heart shape and my daughter got more semangat to eat it finish. LOL.

  5. Exactly..I can't keep my eyes open too since Gwen started primary 1. You are so hardworking lah mummy. Simple snack boxes made with love.

  6. Marie The Cat & Ellie are so cute, too cute to put into the mouth :D Do your kids ask for the cute bento boxes everyday?