Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Snax Box # 069 I Love U

The kids slept quite late last night.  They only dozed off at 10.30pm, and by that time, mummy eyes was also going to close.  As usual, Monday blues.....  Hence, I just made a simple snack box for lil prince.  We bought some cakes from pasar malam and I only added some cheese and heart sprinkles on top to make it look more attractive.  Something simple to tell my lil prince that Mummy Loves You!

I also tried to cut my strawberries into heart shape to go with the theme :P.

It looks a  bit plain to me.  Mummy didn't put on her thinking cap today coz there are so many things on my mind.  How I wish we have more than 24 hours per day!  So many things to do and yet time is so limited.


  1. Your 'simple snax box' still look great and yummy!

  2. Doesn't look plain to me at all. Gwen would be happy to get lunch box like this. Too bad I'm a lazy mummy and don't have much creativity.

  3. That's so nice!! Simple yet so sweet. Hey, those animal biscuits remind me of my childhood. My brothers and I would sieve thru the packet of biscuits to choose our favorite animals :)

  4. No, this wasn't easy at all. I saw the heart shape strawberries. So cute. You are really good, Kitty.