Friday, 7 September 2012

Swimming Pool @ The Gurney Hotel

We love the swimming pool at Gurney Hotel.  It was really big enough for the kids.  We prefer hotels with swimming pools so that the kids can have some outdoor activities besides staying in the hotel.  So far, among all our local destination visit, the best swimming pool or pool area was Hard Rock Hotel, second place goes to Gold Coast Morib and I would rate this as third best for us!

There are two slides at the kids pool for the kids to slide down.  One on the right and the other on the left.

At the kids pool too, they have a few  'mushrooms' with waters flowing down.  My lil prince loves to go inside the mushroom while lil princess was soooo afraid of the mushroom and won't even go near it!

While waiting for the time to check into the hotel (we arrived earlier than expected), we immediately changed into our swimming outfit and hop into the pool.  This shows how excited the kids were when they saw the pool (although it was lil prince second visit).  Hubby stayed dry to look after our belongings.  We were lucky that the weather was kind to us.  We didn't suffer any sun burn, eventhough we were swimming at 2.00pm in the afternoon!

There was also an adult pool at the other side where I didn't go into coz it looks pretty deep. 
Just in front of the swimming pool, it's a sandy beach (that what I called it) for the kids to have fun in the sand.  We only had one session of sand play as the kids are more interested to dip themselves in the pool.

For those who loves to work out at the gym, there is also a small gym area in front of the swimming pool.

There is a TV room on the same floor as the pool but we didn't get to see any movies inside.  Not really sure how was the condition there.  Our focus was only at the pool and sand :P.

We will definately visit this place again if our budget allows :P.  Although there were some hiccups with our reservation, overall this is a great place for family with kids.  We just can't have enough of the pool! 


  1. There's even a piece of netting to provide as a shade at the swimming pool. Cool! Anyway, which Hard Rock Hotel do you mean? The one in KL or Penang?

  2. We love Penang, going there end of this month. So far we try to make it 2-3 trips up north as part of our family trip :)

  3. Ooh, I would love to go there too! When I visit a public pool, the first thing I look for is an area where both kids and adults can enjoy. It’s because I want my kids to enjoy, but at the same time, I need to watch them.

    Dylan Mallory

  4. I also prefer a hotel with swimming pools so that the kids won’t get bored inside the hotel room. I’m glad that you’ve posted this. I think we better stop by Gurney Hotel and experience the fun by ourselves. I bet my daughters will enjoy the slide while my hubby can enjoy sweating at the gym. :)

    -Cathy Newman-